This is already the fourth part of the series. It was not planned to write a series, but due to the numerous comments I am highly motivated to keep you up to date. My previous articles about ( can be found here, here and hereMy previous articles provide a wonderful overview of the development so far. It’s really fun to follow this development since day 1.

Yesterday the first dividends arrived and so I brought you some screenshots. But first I have to get rid of one important thing that impresses me enormously at The support of in the Telegram Group is exemplary. is almost omnipresent and really answers every single question. Not a single question remains unanswered. Each problem is dealt with with a lot of patience and even if it turns out (as so often) that it was the fault of the user, this is not a problem. I am thrilled about that. If you want to learn how perfect customer service works, you should go to the Telegram Group and simply watch and learn. There are also regular updates, so it can’t get boring yet. proves an enormous clock rate.

That was very important to me to get rid of beforehand. Okay, but now to the dividends.

My Dividends

I have almost 500,00 YUM and I staked all of my YUM. Yesterday I received the first dividend. Below you can see the screenshot.

About 0.436 EOS. That’s not bad for a start. Whoever follows this series knows that is still at the beginning. What will the dividends look like when BlackJack is released in the near futureOr even better, Dice. Wonderful! By clicking on the “Get” button you will receive your dividends immediately. Below you can see the screenshot.

What have I done with my dividends from Correct, I staked them again. I’m going to keep it that way for a while. Below you can see the screenshot.

About 24 hours have passed since the first dividend was paid yesterday. About 24 hours have passed since the first dividend was paid yesterday. The following screenshot shows the yield since yesterday.

You will receive the dividends hourly. That’s a lot of fun for me. If you weren’t at the ICO, you can now only get YUM tokens by mining or buy them on Newdex. The YUM price will rise, so I wouldn’t wait too long.

What do you think about

Here you get to the website.


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    1. Oliver Post author

      Yeah! The next game to be released is BlackJack, which will result in significantly more transactions and therefore more dividends. It’s about time!

  1. Cornel

    I’m personally very interested in EOS gambling games since I’m invested myself in BetDice and am happy with the results so far. But recently I started hearing that Royal Online Vegas (MEV) provides the biggest return in the industry. What’s the ROI of YUM for the comparison?

    1. Oliver Post author

      Yeah, BetDice delivers well, you can’t complain. Oh, nice, i have to take a closer look at Royal Online Vegas (MEV). Thanks for the Information. I sold my YUM tokens yesterday, i don’t think will work out.

      1. Oliver Post author

        I’d have to write a whole article for that, but: there are just too many other options at the moment. Thank God!



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