Worbli Talks - WORBLI and IBC - With Didier Martin, CEO of Interblockchain

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A quick interview with Didier Martin from interblockchain.io about how bringing Interblockhain communication to WORBLI will be a game changer for not only EOSIO and the EOS ecosystem, but all of cryptocurrency and digital assets as a whole.

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WORBLI is a financial services district where enterprises and individuals can access a broad range of services that are built on WORBLI's blockchain. Our blockchain ecosystem leverages EOSIO software and is capable of hosting a variety of decentralized applications (dApps) focused on financial innovation, free transactions, security, reliability, and compliance.

To summarise the current challenge; crypto presents a very high barrier to entry and a lot of red tape for consumers and businesses, and WORBLI is here to resolve this.

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