Winter morning is the most beautiful time when winter nature comes to life and is filled with beautiful brilliance emanating from the sun. When I wake up first thing, I look out the window and watch the dawn of the sun. Every minute it becomes lighter. As soon as the sun rises, the weather will be clear and bright. But while the sky begins to take a slightly pink hue.

In the morning it is always colder. At this time of day the frost is much stronger than during the day. But thanks to the peace and quiet, it seems that it is not so cold. But finally the sun reached the desired height and illuminated everything with its rays. All plants are decorated with morning frost and shine and shimmer in the sun. Especially beautiful are the golden reeds, which fill this place with bright light.

While painting the morning sky, the sun prefers cold tones, you can’t see the yellow color among them, mostly white, blue and purple. It has its own charm. The air is cold and fresh, and I want to breathe deeply. If the wind rises, he sweeps away the top layer of snow from winter plants and then a silvery haze appears in the air.

Morning in the winter does not last long. It is replaced by a short day, and very soon the night will come again and it will darken again. The first stars will appear in the sky and again you have to wait for the next morning.

Winter morning attracts with its tranquility, silence, but only in frosty weather. Winter morning can be snowy, windy, foggy and mysterious. Every time winter morning is completely different and looks different. Therefore, it is interesting to walk along the street and feel the beauty of a winter morning with all its beauty.

For my photos I used a camera Canon EOS 70D and a lens Canon 50 mm.

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  1. MineYourMind

    I love this time of year too. From mid-Fall to mid-Spring the colors in the sky are more pronounced and consistent during this time, because of angle the light passes through the atmosphere.

  2. Julia Williams

    Dear friend you are absolutely right and described the right thing in your article, it’s nice to read the stuff and I enjoyed your photography it’s completely awesome my friend.
    Happy New Year dear friend.
    With love and respect ✊



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