Good more earning great minds. About 2 decades ago, a book was released, which literally transformed the lives of tens of millions of people all across globe…

…talking about *Rich Dad Poor Dad* , have you read it?

Even if you haven’t read it, I’ll share the greatest lesson from the book, right here right now.

And, you’ll see a whole new perception of the idea of promoting ‘ our Daily Income and growing your team…

*…ASSETS = SECRETS OF RICHES.* Boom! that’s it!

You see, why aren’t a lot of people financially thriving? its because they don’t understand the difference between.

*assets & liabilities*

*examples of assets* businesses, MLM, stocks,

real estate etc.

*examples of liabilities* – latest Iphone, new car etc.

*Asset is what pays us money.*

*Liability is what drains the money…*

lets honestly discuss it , talking about *’most people’,* when they get a salary or pay check, are they excited to build

*assets or


the answer, is that most people are THRILLED to get more

& more liabilities.

But not the rich people…the wealthy people!

wealthy people invest their time & money in building assets, and they let those assets pay for their liabilities…

let me tell you something..crypto scope is unbelievable…

…its just the beginning of the beginning, we’re just scratching the surface, to be honest!

and * crypto will take the whole country by the storm! at this point in time, tens of thousands of people (like you), are aiming at acquiring maximum amount of money, by building their teams, referring people…

because smart people can sense an opportunity.

I know you’re smart too, and you’ve seen the vision of *crypto* and you know, that you can make CRAZY amounts of money in the

next 1 year….

This is your opportunity to build an asset, and you have 2 things which will help you do that:

*YOUR TIME* – sacrifice netflix or partying on the weekends or invest your time, in learning more about the crypto, learning how to do invest & advertising!

*YOUR MONEY** – when your salary/paycheck comes, don’t eat your salary, invest every penny you can into assert &

advertising. Get more people to signup.

Lets do it!


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