First I’d like to thank a troll on Minds for inspiring this content for today and making it easier for me. To trolls: thanks for all your help in marketing my content and helping me trend

To people who are upset with trolls: understand it is going to happen and you can just block them or regulate them on your content so you can reap the benefit of their engagement and marketing opportunities created. A troll can make you trend just as much as a loyal fan, the only difference is the troll isn’t aware of how much they help you versus how much they hinder you. Let them be annoying and then just delete their comments after. You win in the end with the trend.

As one of my followers @roo3story on Minds mentioned, the tech support is not your helicopter parent, you can either block them and deal with it yourself or capitalize on it. It’s a lot easier for you to block them than it is for them to try to make multiple accounts and go through tons of effort to troll you. You just have to be actionable and not decide you’re a victim of trolling. I have been gang-stalked on Twitter in the past and I just dealt with it. It didn’t last long because it takes them a lot more effort than it takes me. By no means am I encouraging trolling, but I am encouraging you change the way you look at it.

Also I am not undermining people’s emotional distress who are affected by trolling. I just want to provide a different perspective to the issue.

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  1. AD

    Justin Bieber is a good example. He had so many trolls at the beginning and look at him now. He was literally getting trolled every second on his Youtube videos. It can be a sign of the success you’re having:)

  2. DonkeysWorld

    Nice post @scottcbusiness!

    Trolls are everywhere on the internet. I find them quite amusing as they usually have very limited intelligence judging by some of the ridiculous comments that some of them leave on others posts.

    I never realised they could actually be useful for trending posts until I saw this!



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