We are social beings meaning at every point in our lives we are in one form of relationship or the other with different people in our lives. We might have a loving relationship with our parents, siblings and friends we may have from way back, or we could be in a romantic relationship with our lover, either someone we are dating or married to. What this means is that social skills are very crucial in our every interaction we have with people regardless of the nature of the said relationship. There are countless books one can study to aid us in the quest of finding balance in all our relationships, and striking the right emotional intelligence and all the little nuances in between.

In today’s post, we will look at some reasons why some reasons, good relationships become sour and bad in the end. Sometimes, the problem lies with us, and other times, it lies in the other person, and most times it lies in the nature of the relationship. But at all times, we should be willing to take responsibility for our actions when dealing with people, in all forms of relationship as it may be crucial to our overall well-being.

We will be looking at 2 reasons why some relationships go bad, sometimes we see this coming, other times, it may be due to our ignorance and stubbornness, but one way or the other, it manifests in our interaction with people.

Emotional Baggage

We go through a lot of things when growing up, it could be daddy issues, mummy issues. Whatever the case may be, people experience difficult situations of their lives that excesses of this trials linger into their adulthood. Now, dealing with people with emotional baggage may be very difficult, especially when it affects the very nature of the said person. And as we may know, life is unpredictable, and things usually get more complicated than we initially foresaw, and dealing with someone with a lot of unresolved emotional issues, can turn out to do us more disservice than good, especially in critical situations.

That is why before one gets into a romantic relationship with someone, it is always wise to know and interact with the other person for a period of time. Part of the reason for the courting period is to ascertain whether this person is a good fit, and comes with less emotional baggage. So, this is an aspect that must be checked before further dealings, especially in a romantic relationship.

Loss of Interest

This is a clear indicator that the relationship is going bad, and it is as a result of a lot of little things built up over time. When this happens, it is time to either fix the relationship or its time to abandon ship. This situation can be tricky, as it varies from relationship to relationship, in a business relationship, dissolving things can be tricky as other parties may be involved, as well as interests and what not. One of the things that help in such situations is to try to find ones root to why all interested parties got involved in the first place, this understanding can help rekindle things, and set a new direction and enthusiasm for the involved parties.

Regardless, it takes two people, three or more as the case may be to make a relationship work. And all the interested parties have to be actively involved in achieving the set goals of the endeavour.


Ways Good Relationships go Bad

Reasons Why Relationships go Bad

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