It’s clear that Germany and France have a completely different status from other EU members – all from the Treaty of Rome and the establishment of the Community for Coal and Steel, since the whole European integration story was created solely in order to prevent future wars between Germany and France, happening two hundred years ago. And that’s what happens on all occasions.

Let’s go through few facts:

All key decisions, which are then announced by the EU Council or the European Commission, are initially adopted on the route between Berlin and Paris. And nothing, in the EU, de facto and de jure (because of the required and for this purpose specially adapted majority) can not be accepted, unless confirmed by Germany and France.

The Stability and Growth Pact (SGP), which was violated by Germany and France for two consecutive years, was suspended in 2003 by European Finance Ministers.

President of the ECB (JC Trichet) threatened with a special secret letter to Irish and Spanish banks, saying those banks would be closed if liquidity aid from ECB was stopped overnight – if their governments were not promptly repaired their banks in which German and French banks were stranded (and Mario Draghi did the same thing with Greek banks in June 2015 to convince the left side of government to co-operate)

Germany and France have forged the first and second “rescue” package for Greece, which forced the Greek government to take over liabilities of private Greek banks to German and French banks.

….and today…The European Commission threatened Italy for around 50 days if they do not reduce the planned budget deficit for 2019, while France was practically allowed to increase the deficit above the allowed deficit – overnight! Only to allow the French government to co-finance the gifts promised to their “yellow collar” protesters.

And that’s a club called the EU. The big boys are “more equal”, and they set the rules and strictly enforce problems to smaller and weaker. People have to really see what is going on.

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