The step or tactics towards making your portfolio worth a trillion dollar is simple and straightforward, just Hodl and Keep Building. Like we have all known, the crypto space is like a computer game or any other game one could think of. The stronger ones eat the fattest bone, the more intelligent and wise ones in a computer game get a chance to contend with the opposition. That’s almost the same thing one comes across in the crypto industry.

Back then in those days when the market was still striving to gain recognition (Like 10 years back) the total market capitalization was like nothing to write home about, but now the case is different, once you opportuned to hear the current total market cap, you will realise that the industry is no joke anymore. Personally I got to hear about this industry in early 2017’s and the first thing I saw when I checked CMC for the first time was its “market cap”. Of a truth, I wasn’t pleased with the amount I saw there (around 600k dollars), this made me think the industry was still a joke but as time went on, it continued to increase. That’s the same way it always will in more years to come.

In the late 2017’s, the industry got to an all time high of $800 Billion and above but it has fallen down below that price point due to the fact that infrastructure used then was not enough to sustain the magnitude of participation. Around mid 2018, John McAfee predicted that the market would hit 25 Billion dollars in 2030, and I am standing on this notion to say that it would even hit that price point before then because the adoption in the industry today is now massive, in the sense that, even a new born baby today must have heard of the name “Bitcoin”.

I would have become a millionaire by now if I had acted sharply in my first year in this industry. I could remember vividly the first cryptocurrency I bought around June/July 2017 was “Neo”. I bought just 5 Neo then because I saw it’s Sharp move in price (Jumping from $27-$45) in matter of weeks. At that point, I decided to jump in at the price of $45 just to taste how it feels to hold a cryptocurrency, some weeks after the price dropped down to $27/Neo, I was disappointed and almost got discouraged but then I told myself that I was in this for the long term. That was how I removed my mind from the loss I have incurred in crypto, channelling it elsewhere.

Little did I know that the market was going to see a bull run in the late months of that same year. That was how I was made to see Neo reach it all time high of $197/coin. Due to greed and some other factors, I was unable to take profit then, today Neo is below $8 and I’m still hodling my first coins. I wouldn’t blame myself nor anybody for what happened, cuz this is part of the experience and anybody that just got into the space or that’s about to get into it must have his/her own story to tell. So, in conclusion, do your due diligence and invest on any coin you think is worthy to invest on because no coin is actually a shitty coin. You may think its shitty but in one way or the other its supporting the industry. That’s all for today, stay blessed and happy new year to all of you reading this post.



  1. Aighufue Musa Suleiman

    Bro the market is not all about making profit! But keeping profit! Its always good to cash out a certain percentage at every point. Nice share

    1. Ijeh chibuzo peter Post author

      Which ever method you wanna use, its cool!!! As for me long term hodling of any project you have faith in, is advisable…thanks for your response

  2. Infosion

    I get you, in hindsight I also made some terrible decisions back in 2017. Think I could correct some of them and had to learn from some mistakes again not short ago with all the EOS gambling hype .. 😉 However, I think you’re also right with the long term. Think for example TRYBE seems allready to be a good invest and there’s much more to come.
    Good luck with your investments in the future!

  3. Masmifth

    Saya merasa trading merupakan cara terbaik untung mencari keuntungan mingguan. Namun hold juga bagus untuk yang tidak mengerti ilmu trading. Thanks sharing.

  4. AD

    So you’re saying that HODL-ing is the key to becoming filthy rich? I have to disagree with you, my friend. Taking profits , using stop loss, swing trading are usually better than just HODL-ing. Occasionally HODL-ing beats day trading.
    5 stars for the effort though. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Rated. *****

    1. Ijeh chibuzo peter Post author

      That’s my own thoughts sir, don’t get it twisted. I never criticized day trading nor using stop loss, swing trade, I was simply speaking out of experience, it’s up to you to choose any method you like.