Someone likes to relax in the mountains, someone on the beach, but many like a walk through the woods. A few weeks ago, my family and I went to the pine forest. My family has a favorite place not far from the city, which we try to visit in our free time, to relax and enjoy the silence along with our thoughts.

  The uniqueness of pine forests is that they are beautiful at any time of the year. In the summer you can hide in the shade of trees from the hot sun. In winter you can walk along the snow-covered road between the pines. There is incredibly fresh air here that smells like pine aroma. Pine air is unique at any time of the year. During the hot summer months, the resin heats up in the sun and the pine scent becomes even more saturated, which cannot be compared with anything. In winter, the air is also filled with purity and freshness combined with pine aroma. I want to breathe air again and again, close my eyes and enjoy the silence. Sometimes you can hear the woodpecker knock on the tree, the sound is given to the deepest places in the forest.

It is worth looking at the tops of the highest pines and enjoying their height, which these powerful and old trees have reached. Nearby you can see small pines that are just starting their way to height.

 When we walked through the forest, under my feet I felt fallen pine needles, which mixed with snow. I took a lot of beautiful and unusual photos and was charged with energy for the next few days. Unfortunately a few hours later we needed to go back home. But we will definitely come here again to enjoy this beauty and pleasant aroma that emanated from the pines.

For my photos I used a camera Canon EOS 70D and a lens Canon 24-105 mm.


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