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  • Visiting Colosseum, Gladiator Fighting Arena

Arriving in Rome, Italy, we did a city tour to enjoy the pretty environment of the city, its life and culture as well. At the end of the day, we visited the Colosseum, the most phenomenal heritage in Italy. The location of this elliptical building is right in the heart of Rome. In the past it was used as a gladiatorial battle arena, as well as an entertainment venue for Roman kings. Colosseum is one of a must visit place in Rome.

After lunch, we toured the city by bus, passing by ancient buildings. Then we crossed the bridge over the Tiber River. This river divides the city of Rome, just like ‘Kreung Aceh’ which divides the city of Banda Aceh or the Musi River in Palembang.

The river looks clean with calm running water. And the clouds looked perfect blue above the river. The Spring in Italy was welcoming us gracefully. As if it wanted to offer other beauties of Julius Caesar’s country. I enjoyed every single thing that I looked.

After a while on the bus, we finally arrived at the Colosseum. I was stunned to look at the Colosseum which looked golden in the afternoon sun. I was very happy to finally be able to visit here. I have read from history books about buildings that belong to the wonders of this medieval world. Also from western films, I have watched it on the big screen. ‘But today, I’m right here, stand before it!”

Night has arrived. At eight o’clock in the night, Europe is still bright, it is like five o’clock in the afternoon in Indonesia. We were still around the Colosseum, enjoying the rest of the day before heading to the hotel to check-in and stay.

To be honest, we were horrified to be close to the entertainment venues of these Roman kings. Why not, in the past so many gladiators were killed in this place and not properly buried. The gladiators were killed in this place. Apart from fighting with fellow gladiators, they also fought wild animals such as lions and tigers.

From the stories of travellers I meet here, I know that gladiator sightings often appear in these ancient buildings. Some even ever seen the gladiator ghosts still wearing their typical clothes completely.

Imagining that thing made us fell shuddered and shivered. But, of course it did not dampen our enthusiasm for taking pictures in front of the Colosseum.

The night was already late, than we went back to the bus. Before checking in hotel, we visited Trevi Fountain. The largest fountain in Rome, and the most famous throughout the earth.

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