Developments of the likes of Murmur APPS

Will bring us closer to mass adoption on EOS. While the bear market continues it is important to remember what we all came here for. For me originally I wanted to support a system that could support censorship free social media platforms.

Plus If I Can Make Some Money

While doing that well then happy days. Now that the money making aspect seems to be far away it is now time to support the development of Apps like Murmur in order to increase the current price of EOS.

With Murmur You Are Given The Option

To create a brand new EOS account for less than 3 dollars using PayPal. For me, this is excellent because I have been wanting to create a new EOS account for myself one that makes more sense. So my new account is “myeosmatters” and if you download the app at using “myeosmatters” as referral code you can get murmuring! straight away. 

I hope to use MyEOSMatters for any reviews I do for APPS  running on EOS, So check out my review below and hopefully, you will be to joining me in some Murmuring.