Nowadays every ICO is pretending to be the one-stop store for clients by doing a few things together. Be that as it may, none of them is by all accounts figuring out how to do everything under one rooftop as far as crypto. Despite everything, I need to sign in to many destinations and even do KYC for every one of them. This is just bad and I am tired of giving my ID to various websites that might or might not possibly be trusty. There are currently some KYC stages that are acknowledged on various websites. However, none of them can cover every one of the destinations that I need to utilize.

Uptherium is here to solve that problem. They will gather all applications under one website page so you will have the capacity to achieve anything crypto related by utilizing this stage. For instance, I have recently begun utilizing a merchant bot since I can’t manage the intricate details of everyday trading. I can peruse a chart or a diagram yet more often than not I appear to lose in light of the fact that I will in general act on my emotions, rather than what the graph is stating. Having your cash on a site, having a bot profiting for you on that equivalent site, purchasing merchandise with the cash you made, and numerous different things on a similar site would be extremely useful and spare me a ton of time and disappointment. Thus, if this happens to be the main crypto token and stage I ever need to achieve anything, at that point I praise uptherium.

Another good characteristic they have is that they will burn their token UPZ with every per transaction and this will prevent inflation. Current UPZ token price is 0.10 USD per token. They have some sample apps ready such as, which is a story and evaluation app. What I like about decentralized apps is that they cannot be modified or hacked by anyone. Because of this feature purchasing opinions is out of the question. A lot of times opinions and ratings are bought by businesses and when that happens it is hard to trust them. therefore you may get bad quality service or high pricing when you search for online reviews and purchase goods or services based on them. Decentralized reviews can be linked to purchases and it is impossible to buy these opinions. Another service is something alike to Etsy and you will be able to sell and buy stuff from other people. Since you keep your business on the platform, trade on it, buy and sell on it and send money to your friends with it, you can do anything you want on it. they will increase the number of apps and the number of usages on the side once they are fully practical. They have a good drug map and if they can accomplish all they say they can accomplish then they should be ahead of all the ICOs I have ever seen.




  1. Gocu

    I’m glad to see such a promising project, I’m sure that the rating of this project will grow and be at a good level, this project includes an excellent team, an excellent product, an excellent idea and an excellent start.