Dear Trybe,

As you know, we recently did our December airdrop and most people have claimed their bonus tokens by now!

We will be rewarding our TRYBE holders with even more bonuses on the 11th of every month from now until November 2019.

Staking Requirements:

In order to qualify for your airdrop allocation, any LIQUID TOKENS need to be staked at least 20 days before the snapshot date.

Any pre-sale tokens or off-chain tokens do not need to be staked – and can still be purchased or earned up until the snapshot date and will go towards your total balance!

Airdrop Amount:

Next month we will be releasing 5M tokens to all TRYBE holders, plus another 2M in bonuses! The more TRYBE tokens you hold, the more you will receive!

Christmas Pre-sale Bonus – 2 for 1 

Our Christmas pre-sale bonus is almost over. If you would like to get double the amount of pre-sale tokens, then now is the perfect time to do so! For every token you buy in our pre-sale before 11:59pm on the 25th of December CST, you will receive DOUBLE the pre-sale tokens!

Please note – your bonus tokens will not be instantly deposited into your pre-sale account, but may take a few days to appear due to the holiday season.

Future Developments

After completing a user survey (thank you if you have participated) we have determined that one of the things that our users most want is a mobile app for Trybe!

Over the next several months, we will be focussing our development efforts on building this for you – so stay tuned for more updates coming soon 🙂


Thanks again for being part of Trybe!


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  1. Roland

    Yeah Nice!
    If I could only make use of it, no way I can get my scatter connect to the token sale, or stake, or do anything….
    I have only succeeded in connecting my account to my wallet.
    Still hoping someone makes a better program then Scatter, I hate it, most of the times it only spits errors.

  2. Dukefish

    A mobile app is a great step forward as currently accessing the site on a phone browser is honestly, kinda garbage.

    Pleased the airdrops are going smoothly and the clarification of staked tokens with pre-sale and off chain.

    Once again I would like to point out that the bonus 2 million trybe tokens is still being awarded to narrow a range of people and I think would be a mistake not to increase this and airdrop to more people.

    It would be a good incentive for more people to become content providers and help this site grow as a community.



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