I was so excited when from the window of the plane saw Europe. We will land in Rome, Italy shortly. From above I stared at hilly green landscape, blue ocean and Western European style buildings in Rome. I really feel like I was dreaming. I knew it was not a day dream, that finally I arrived at this ‘blue continent’. I have been setting in mind for a long time, to travel to Europe. And now, my wish is come true.

Etihad Airways plane departing from Jakarta, then transiting in Abu Dhabi, finally landed smoothly at Rome Fiumicino Airport. We were flying about 13 hours to reach Rome.. With details, 7 hours Jakarta-Abu Dhabi and 6 hours Abu Dhabi-Roma. Where the time difference between West Europe and Jakarta is 5 hours in Spring.

After taking the luggage and then passing the immigration check, I was very excited and flattered. I could hardly wait to immediately set foot in Rome, the first city I visit in Europe. To enjoy all the charms of nature, and the beauty of the people.

Once I got out of the airport, I breathed deeply into the air of the four seasons. The spring weather in Rome feels cool, but I could still tolerate it. The temperature is around 17oC. I still stand it, because I am used to living in the Gayo highlands. We headed to the pickup area. The vehicle that will take us was waiting there.

After making sure all the suitcases and luggage had entered the trunk of the bus. And the Eurotrip was began. I continued to look left and right. Studying all the beauty, the luxury of Vittorio Emanuele’s country.

We wew in Europe for 12 days. For information, we did this Eurotrip at the end of April 2017.

I will write the story of this journey in a series of articles. I don’t know how much I will write, depending on the moments and photos that I have later. I will post one by one here. This article is the opening. The story starts from Rome and ends Charles de Gualle Airport in Paris, France. Hopefully this story will entertain all of you.



FYI, I have already published this article in my steemit account @razack-pulo in Bahasa Version

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  1. helmibireuen

    Selamat datang Dalam Ekosistem-Eos… Selamat datang dalam Komunitas Trybe @razackpulo senang melihat anda berada disini,..
    Perjalanan yang sangat menyenangkan dalam Ture Eropa anda, dengan tujuan Roma,..berharap bisa berada disana suatu saat…



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