Strasbourg, a city in the heart of Europe, is a destination that has many elements of interest for a curious tourist. Not only its beautiful city is a place of great charm because of its rich historical and architectural heritage but this city, the heart of Europe, is also rich in many cultural events that provide visitors with an interesting and stimulating holiday.

In the first two parts dedicated to my suggestions on Strasbourg I talked about the historic district called “La Petite France” which represents the ancient and extraordinarily characteristic image of this city but also has an ultra-modern neighborhood of great importance and from which I want to start this story.

The European District


Easily reachable by tram from the city center of Strasbourg, the European district is the beating and modern heart of the European Union.

At the end of the Second World War, Strasbourg was chosen as the place of reconciliation between the various European populations that had been torn apart by the harsh world conflict. Strasbourg, an ideal place also geographically due to its central position between France and Germany, this city soon became a place for democratic dialogue and the construction and protection of European citizenship.

This new vision of relations between peoples could only find a place in a specially built place and characterized by modern and innovative architecture. Indeed, the buildings that host the important European institutions such as the European Parliament and the Council of Europe and the other European Union institutions are truly spectacular. These buildings designed by renowned architects, form an architectural ensemble that is certainly fascinating and interesting for those who love modern architecture but also a little surreal if you visit it during the days when there are no parliamentary sessions.

Glass, steel and mirrors of water where the buildings are reflected and, above all, many flags, the flags of all the nations that are part of the European Union that remind us of the importance and pride of belonging to European citizenship.

The historic center of Strasbourg.

The large and well-preserved historical center of Strasbourg is the other great precious and fascinating element of this city. Dominated by the magnificent construction of the Gothic cathedral, the historic part of Strasbourg is bounded by the waters of the river ILL and is formed by the two centers of the Center Ville and the picturesque Petite France. The historic center that develops around the Cathedral has retained its original connotation and is a significant urban space representative of various historical periods ranging from Roman Antiquity to the Renaissance.

The district called Neustadt is an important example of a modern city built in the 19th century and influenced by Haussmann town planning.

The historical center of Strasbourg and Il Neustadt, also considering its integrity and authenticity, was included in 1988 in the list of UNESCO Sites declared World Heritage Site with this motivation:

Strasbourg, Grande-Île and Neustadt

The initial property, inscribed in 1988 on the World Heritage List, was formed by the Grande-Île, the historic center of Strasbourg, structured around the cathedral. The extension concerns the Neustadt, new town, designed and built under the German administration (1871-1918). The Neustadt draws the inspiration for its urban layout from the Haussmannian model, while adopting an architectural idiom of Germanic inspiration. This dual influence has enabled the creation of an urban landscape that is open to the United Kingdom.

(Description is available under license. CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0

Signs and windows.


When walking through the beautiful old town of Strasbourg you can not miss the curious and particular signs of shops and restaurants and the many flowered windows and variously decorated.

A lot of imagination in these elements that surely attract our attention and that contribute to making the streets of the historical center of Strasbourg unique and original.

Do not miss these details!

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