Strasbourg is a city in the heart of Europe, which has so many good reasons to be visited.


We can even say that Strasbourg is the heart of Europe as it welcomes the important European institutions such as the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.


Located between Paris and Prague, its name Strasbourg means “crossing of streets” to reaffirm its central position and important hub for Europe.


I’ve been there for a few days and I want to give you my suggestions and some suggestions for your stay.


The city is very well organized, with a beautiful historical center but also with important modern architecture complexes.


Let’s see then some things not to be missed in Strasbourg.



La Petite France and les Ponts Couverts


The old and charming district of the Tanners, fishermen and millers is the most peculiar part of the city of Strasbourg. The historic district, called Petite France, is accessed through the group of Pont Couverts which are one of the symbols of this city. The structure of the Ponts couverts consists of three bridges and fortified towers built in the Middle Ages. The bridges, originally covered with a wooden roof, are a testimony of the ancient fortified city.

The Petite France district is characterized by typical colored houses with a truss-like structure, steep sloping roofs and flowered balconies. Many tourists come to see this particular district now entirely dedicated to tourism. Among the narrow streets, restaurants and shops of local crafts, and also the Santa Claus Shop where you can find extraordinary Christmas decorations.

Even in this district the floral arrangements enrich the banks of the bridges and the balconies of the houses creating a highly sought after effect for those who want to take photographs of this extraordinary historical district declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 along with the remaining historical center of the city.

The station.

Very particular this Strasbourg train station that looks like a modern structure on the outside. In fact, what we see today, is the result of a recent intervention and that was achieved in 2007. Right in front of the historical part was in fact placed this large metal structure, glass and steel, which surrounds the main façade creating a further covered space, with a really daring and particular stylistic choice.

From the outside, you can not see the classicist and monumental prospect of the station built in the nineteenth century on the design of the architect Eduard Jacobsthal.

The renovation of the station and its modernization was necessary to accommodate the new high-speed trains

The metallic and semi-transparent structure on the outside presents itself as a large glass and steel donut that this year, as part of the initiatives to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg (MAMCS), welcomes a huge fresco of 1,000 square meters. It is a gigantic work by Streeet-art of the famous couple of artists known as the FAILE who have created many murals and installations in urban space.

A huge and colorful collage where many imaginary characters, comics and cinema are drawn.

A very special mix of ancient and modern.

The Orangerie Park and the storks.


With its lake, its well-tended trees and gardens and the small zoo, but especially the many storks that can be found, the Orangerie Park is a small oasis popular with the inhabitants of Strasbourg. The park is located in the immediate vicinity of the European District to the north-east of the city. The beautiful and ancient park dates back to the late seventeenth century and its name Orangérie is due to the fact that 138 orange trees were planted immediately after the French Revolution.

In the main building, on the roof, you can see many nests of storks. The well-kept garden, with roses and flower beds, is a place to spend a few hours in complete relaxation after visiting the European district.

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