Recognise that we are souls, the everlasting souls, the sons and daughters of the Supreme Soul. Virtues and powers of soul are the same like that of the Supreme Soul.

Friends as we all know Our bodies are the abode of Souls. Body is perishable, destructible but not the soul. We should be always have consciousness about the power and immortal soul. It cannot burnt, destroyed or dried or cut by any sharpest arm. We posses all the qualities of that supreme soul. So we should be always cheerful and in rejoice position.

Friends I am quoting here The thoughts of Swami Vivekananda,

There is no need of fear, Be fearless. If there is any religion in this world, fearlessness is the true religion. So when we are imparting our duties, we should impart them bravely, boldly and courageously.

Friends what should follow in our life let’s discuss about this. We must follow the path of ‘Truth’ and non-violence, because these two great virtues are the sign of Godhood. God blessed Souls, the immortal souls. Friends in my views the attainment of God is really true Yoga. The assimilation of Soul with the Supreme Soul should be the ultimate goal of human life.

So my dear friends always obey the message of our Eternal Soul as its always find the virtue and order of Almighty God, an eternal part of Almighty God. So the parts of God’s Soul, the Daughter’s and Son’s of Almighty God feel the eternity of that Father of this World in you and O! Soul of the World be like thy Soul. Get the message of The God and follow the steps of That Eternal Soul to get rid of this immortal world and take peace and rest in the heaven. So friends this is the message of my soul an Eternal Soul of thy Soul, The Almighty God.

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  1. firedream

    Udai friend…It is either my eternal soul is giving me message to finish this bottle of Jack or the message is too confusing and lost in translation 🙂 Don’t mind me…I am all lost after all!



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