Traveling has become an experience that, more and more people, do several times a year. The tourism industry has become a very important element in the economy for several countries. If some places have always been a destination for travelers (Italy, France …) for other countries, today tourism represents a new opportunity for development and, therefore, new markets are always open.

But we see, in this very varied offer, which is the tourist destinations considered a cult. What are the places to visit at least once in life? The most beautiful, the most loved, the most important the most visited?

Here is a recent ranking:

  • 1. Notre-Dame de Paris, France – 13.6 million visitors a year
  • 2. The Great Wall of China, China – 9 million visitors a year
  •  3. Sydney Opera House, Australia – 7.8 million visitors per year
  •  4. Eiffel Tower, France – 7 million visitors a year
  • 5. Lincoln Memorial, United States of America – 6 million visitors a year


  •  6. Colosseo, Italy – 5.6 million visitors per year
  •  7. Statue of Liberty, United States of America – 4 million visitors a year
  • 8. Alhambra, Spain – 3 million visitors a year
  • 9. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt – 3 million visitors a year
  • 10. Taj Mahal, India – 2.5 million visitors per year

As is easy to see, these are places of art, great engineering works that have profoundly marked the landscape (the Great Wall, the Eiffel Tower) or important archeological sites (Colosseum and the Pyramids).

But there are also places that are strongly evocative and with a high symbolic value, like the Lincoln Memorial, in the United States of America.

Millions of people go to these places to admire what is now considered wonders and icons of art and architecture. The numbers are very high but the problems created by the high number of people visiting these places are also very large. Safety problems, problems of anthropic load and therefore conservation of these monuments.

But it is impossible to resist the fascination of having a beautiful picture with the romantic Taj Mahal background or admiring Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

Magic moments! I’ve only visited 3 of them … .and you?

Photos by Pixaby