At Christmas, the traditions that are followed in the various countries that celebrate this important anniversary are so many.

From the preparation of the Christmas tree inside the houses, in the offices and squares of the cities, to the realization of the cribs (above all in Italy )

Even in the diet, during the Christmas holidays, there are some typical dishes that can not miss in the table (possibly even decorated!). Dishes rich in flavor, but also with meanings. Let’s see some.

The characteristic Christmas sweet of England is the Christmas Pudding, a pudding with 13 ingredients (13 like Jesus and his disciples) to which all members of the family must participate. Inside you put a coin … and lucky who will find it! The Christmas Pudding accompanies the other dishes of the party where there are those based on goose and roast turkey.

In the United States of America, you can not miss the Mince pies, the cake made with the shortcrust pastry stuffed with dried fruit, which Santa Claus likes so much and is left in front of the fireplace on Christmas night so that Santa Claus can eat them!

In Italy, as a tribute to the rich food tradition, each region has its own Christmas menu consisting of various appetizers, tasty dishes and desserts, lots of desserts. The typical cake is undoubtedly the Panettone. Panettone is sweet typical of the city of Milan spread throughout Italy and even in Argentina. Its first realization dates back to the end of 1400 when for Christmas dinner, a chef named Toni invented this dessert with the few ingredients he had in the pantry. Flour, water, butter, eggs, honey and sultanas. Thus the Pan di Toni became, then Panettone. A sweet bread that has become an important product of Italian artisan food production over time.

Chiles en nogada, the typical Mexican Christmas dish made of various stewed meat accompanied by peppers and decorated with a cream of walnuts and pomegranate grains that are a typical lucky fruit, is very beautiful also for the eyes.

Very special is the tradition of Poland where the Christmas dinner is composed of 12 courses that recall the 12 apostles. But in the table it is tradition to always leave a place free for the guest who can arrive at the last moment. Among the typical dishes I mention the bigos, made of sauerkraut, with mushrooms and prunes.

But the dishes and traditional foods are really many and are rich in flavors and meanings. Christmas in many countries is a party for young and old and for all our senses, including the palate.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Photos Pixabay site.