Most of us or our parents can remember a time when tattoos and piercing and all other forms of body modification were there for the criminals, bikers and all other types “low life degenerates”. However we have come into a more modern time where body modification not only is accepted but also comes in many forms. Tattoos and piercings being the more apparent ones but plastic surgery has become so popular these days that it is almost a right of passage for celebrities in the west to have their appearance altered in some way or another.

Nowadays tattoos in particular have been reaching new highs in its popularity with each passing year. Almost every walk of life has gotten the itch for a new tattoo, soccer moms, doctors, lawyers, religious members… Most of us have tattoos or probably have a close friend or a family member who has a tattoo. There are likely people who you don’t think would have tattoos or other forms of body modification, like your family doctor, who in reality are hiding a chest piece or a sub dermal implant under their lab coat!

As society continues to grow and learns to accept everyone as unique individuals with many outlets of personal expression at their disposal the overall tolerance for body modification increases.  Along with it we will likely see a new breath of life in the creativity of the world of body modification from tattoos to piercings and sub dermal implants, scarification, stretching, teeth sharpening, ear pointing and tongue splitting just to name a few. The gaining popularity of body modification in the 21st century is accelerating with each new generation and there will always be people searching for that next new fad or the latest trend that pushes the extremes that society finds acceptable.

Where do you think the line for body modification will be in the next 20-30-40 years? Whatever the future looks like, you can be sure there will be something new, strange and possibly frightening to see nearly every day!