Good morning, all together. This time I want to share the results of the walk yesterday afternoon at Samarecon Mall Bekasi. because I was too tired in the office without going out, finally someone invited me to go to the mall.

It turned out that the Mall that was invited by him was an elite Mall and was indeed suitable for releasing stress with work. In addition to the atmosphere that was designed so amazing, there is also a large parking area.

But we are there not using private vehicles but through Grab Car. After arriving there, I noticed all the corners of the mall. Understandably I’m a village boy, who rarely goes out like this. So it’s only known to be plebeian.

As I told you at the beginning, that this is an elite place that is very expensive. I also ordered one glass of ice and the food was run out of extraordinary levels. If I eat in a normal place with the same menu and drink, I can enjoy up to 6 times.

If you eat at the Warteg and Aceh noodles, you can eat 10 meals. It is unimaginable how expensive, but this time only an experiment. Although first with boss Arif I was often invited here. But I never paid and I did not want to know how much I spent eating with them. Because everything is definitely Arif’s boss who pays.

This time I came with Audia and I paid. Surely I am overdrawn, fortunately, Audia understands my condition. Not asking for expensive snacks, he even ordered cheap ones. We also had time to play timezone and photos there. It’s fun.

After finishing playing with Audia, because the hour showed at 8:30 we went home. Afraid the parents will get angry and others, even though they believe in me.

Finally, I returned to the office, understand that I lived in the office. He went home using his own motorbike, I Grab to the office. I did not dare go home with him, understand because we are still fiancées. We are in the mall and in other places while maintaining distance. Because it’s not time yet, we won’t meet once a month. He is busy working, especially.

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