The internet is full of studies, some better than others, about alternative versions of our human history. A lot of them conclude that our current understanding of humanity’s biological and social evolution is wrong.

Many of these studies concentrate on the megalithic structures found all around the globe, with the most popular being the Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt. The question that keeps coming back about these structures is about the available technical and scientific knowledge at the time these structures were supposedly built: according to our current understanding of human history, the pyramids were built using only stone and copper tools. Well, we’ve tried many times, but granite is just too high up Mohs scale of mineral hardness to be cuttable with copper, with diamond represented as a 10 on the scale, granite as a 7 and copper hovering around 3.5.

Also, it’s a mystery how the stone blocks were transported, often tens or hundreds of miles. Some of them weigh hundreds of tons and we can’t imagine how these behemoths were moved, lifted up and placed with surgical precision with only wood, ropes, animals and humans to do the work. Were we assisted by aliens? Or with forgotten alchemy involving monatomic gold? Were giants walking the earth? Was it the lost civilization of Atlantis? Anti-gravity using soundwaves? Energy garnered from earth’s ley lines? These, and many more theories have been put forward, and I consider all of them possible.

I’m not willing to rule out anything in advance and like to keep an open mind about these things, especially considering all the other finds and evidence that just contradicts our “official” history. In a time when there’s so much confusion about what’s real and who’s telling the truth, when we can’t trust what we read in newspapers, it’s only natural that these alternative sources and studies have massively gained in popularity, and I include myself with that statement.

Therefore I think it’s good to be reminded that there’s often a “normal” solution to be found for some, if not many of the incredible feats of our ancestors. I’d like to share with you a video about a builder from Michigan USA, who was able to move and lift stone blocks weighing hundreds of tons all on his own. He’s not a scientist nor a magician or alien, just a “hands on” practical mind trying to solve a practical problem. I hope you appreciate him as much as I did:


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  1. Smitty

    Fun stuff. I’ve made my living moving big stuff around, but have found that diesel fuel and hydraulic oil make the job go faster. Could be said I use dinosaur power I guess. But yeah, it is a head scratcher how the big monolithic rocks got moved and placed. Maybe they used dinosaurs too. hehe.

      1. VG

        Never seen it in person, but he is on the local news every summer. I’ve also watched a bunch of his videos. A little leverage goes a long ways.



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