EOS is just now in it’s 6th month, so high time to take another look at the development of users and usage of the chain. As EOS is not about store of value but all about utility, so what it needs usage! So let’s have a look at what EOS looks like as of November 3, 2018!

Total number of EOS accounts

As always, i’ve taken a look at the Account snapshot by EOSNewYork. Impressively, the number of accounts has risen to 460086 accounts, which is 105 996 accounts more than a month ago, meaning that on average 3786 new accounts have been created per day! Now that’s what we’ve been looking for, an acceleration of onboarding, approaching half a million accounts in the first half year of the chain’s existence.
As said in previous reports, unique accounts of course isn’t identical with unique users, but still the big account grab has come to a halt i guess. On the other hand, all the EOS held in exchanges are for the most part not visible in this number, since all clients are hidden behind a few addresses. If you have any idea how to get this into numbers let me know.

Here is the historic table: 


Number of active accounts

Now here we are getting a bit of a mixed image. You might have heard, about those 60K active accounts on EOS recently and in fact, this has peaked at 74K accounts around mid October, but since then has been falling again significantly, back to around 42K accounts, so rather a sobering development, especially considering, the huge increase, in new accounts.

On the logarithmic scale below, the distance to BTC and ETH is evident, as also is the overall trend, lets see how this develops further!

Numbers taken from coinmetrics.io

What are EOS Users doing on chain?

It’s no big secret, that EOS has been mostly successful as a gambling platform as of now, with not only the majority of apps located in this field, but also the vast majority of users. From the Top 50 EOS dapps, following the Dapp-Radar statistics, only 20 dapps are non-gambling apps (and there i’ve already included gaming platforms), that together don’t even reach half the user or transaction base of their gambling peers.
Going further, and putting games and exchanges aside, there remains a total of 10 dapps, that are actually catering toward real world use and comprise such ventures as Everipedia, Karma, Chintai and WIZZ, and none of these is in the top 10. So lots of room for improvement here as well. Nevertheless  incredible figure of the gambling dapps perfectly show of the capacity provided by EOS, with over 3,6M eos moved by 47K users daily! 

What EOS users don’t do, or at least only to a very small degree is voting! Only 37K accounts out of those 450K are voting according to EOS Authority’s figures, this is now below 10%, and it’s really a shame given the importance of this task.

What do you think of the current figures?
Btw anyone has any idea how to measure, EOS held on exchanges, vs EOS held in individual accounts?

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Original Image by Etienne Boulanger



    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Don’t lecture me about those annoying separators, my friend, changing that from englisch to european interpunctuation has been a real nightmare already 😉

  1. cryptohound

    Your comment about people voting is key. It’s somewhat abstract for users however if they delegate someone who is active in voting then real change can happen on the network amongst block producers.

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Thank you for your reply, and Yes, understanding voting isnt easy, i tried to explain voting to an interested and technically affine friend, and got him totally confused. The problem i see is, if you don’t understand the whole concept, and the actors ivolved its very hard, as is choosing a proxy, there are only very few, that offer transparency on their voting, and how should i choose. I know that from steem, where i havent delved into the ecosystem and thus, have no idea whats going on…

  2. peter S

    It’s a pity voting % is so low, as indeed it is important. But then, it was poorly introduced, poorly explained, votes decay, etc etc. Investigate proxy voting once, select your most preferred proxy and allow that account to carry your votes. The proxy owners will make sure the votes are resubmitted regularly.
    has the current list of proxys.

  3. Cryptoslice

    good work. i got a feeling some people will have like 100 accounts as there are alot of airdrops and airgrabs that give you about 0.2 to 1 or even more EOS sometimes no matter how many eos you have in your account.

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Really? Most I’ve seen require you to have 100 eos or something to be eligible, or require you to do some extra tasks, and besides eos black all airdrops have been worthless up to now…

      1. Cryptoslice

        some of the gambling dapps you can claim tokens worth about 0.3 eos and some of the airdrops like zks worth about 0.3 and also didnt require 100 eos. and some just dont require 100 eos that are worth more, with 100 accounts you could make 30 eos each time. its almost daily some airdrop or airgrab happens

      2. Conceptskip Post author

        wait a minute, zks, the 31 are worth 0.3 EOS can’t believe it! And can you name at least one gambling dapp which provides those assets?