We all love airdrops right?

It is the reward of supporting a start-up and it feels good to be rewarded.

But there is more, the results of the airdrops, if analyzed well can give clues of the start-up that you are investing.

Now, let’s have some inside data.

In the previous analysis, what we have found was :

1- There are 665 unique accounts that have purchased Trybe Token from presales

2- There are 16 000+ users that are registered to the Trybe.one Dapp.

What we are looking for is :

How many tokens are airdropped? ( it should be 10m Tokens as declared )

How many unique accounts have received Trybe airdrop? 

How is the distrubution of these coins? How many whales?

How much of these airdropped coins claimed until now?

To find a reply to all these data, we have to make queries on the EOS block chain.

First, we have to know what tables are holding these information, then we will querry the tables.

Let’s first check Trybe ABI to get information on the Trybe blockchain.

The main account is “trybenetwork”.

With the script below:

function checkUser()
eosConnect.getAbi(‘trybenetwork’).then(result =>

We have the following information on the Trybe:

Checking the tables, it is obvious that we have to query the table “airdrops” for the result of the airdrops.

The below script gives us the usename, airdrop received and the claiming status as boolean.

var dat = {
“code”: “trybenetwork”,
“json”: true,
“scope”: “trybenetwork”,
“table”: “airdrops”,
“lower_bound”:lwbou, // this is as variable, initially “”, then the 1000th item to get more.
.then(data => {
data.rows.map(m=>account.push(m.account+”<br />”));
data.rows.map(m=>airdrop.push(m.dropAmount+”<br />”));
data.rows.map(m=>claimed.push(m.claimed+”<br />”));

Skipping the technical details, we have found the replies to our questions one by one.

How many tokens are airdropped?

According to this analysis, the total airdrop quantity is 9,999,980 Tokens. I am missing 20 tokens to reach 10m but it can be my code.

Fair and honest airdrop!

How many unique accounts have received Trybe airdrop?

There are 9333 unique accounts that have received airdrop.

Now complete data, 16 000 + Dapp users and 9333 of them registered their wallet to Trybe and have Trybe in their wallet.

Yet only 665 of them purchased Trybe from pre-sales.

How is the distrubution of these coins? How many whales?

Distrubution of wealth…biggest question and objection since centuries…

The situation in the airdrop is as below table:

This situation is not really healthy.

It seems that, %80 of account owners received only %2.5 from airdrops and %3 of account owners received %82 from airdrops!

This is the way to build whales.

It is still early since this is the first airdrop but to be on a healty track, this token must be much more adopted by masses.

Dear Tom, please take this as an early warning!

How much of these airdropped coins claimed until now?

The quantity total tokens claimed is 6,934,874 Tokens, or 69% of total airdrops.

 So, 31% of tokens are unclaimed due to lack of interest or technical problems.

These are the figures of first airdrop.

I would appreciate different perspectives on these data in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.


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    1. firedream Post author

      Thank you @cryptosdecrypted, the numbers are belonging to the first airdrop and there is still a long way to walk.
      We will see together what the days will bring and the best part is we will have the opportunity to shape it together.

  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Very useful post @firedream – if you drop the 80% under 200 Trybe the numbers are more meaningful imo. I agree with Workin2005’s comments re contribution and merit. The capped 200 voting power levels the playing field in a meaningful fashion. If this cap is removed – careful consideration will need to be given to the consequences of doing so. I feel a stepped cap would be appropriate in the long term. With say the top tier having x5 the lowest or some such – a big difference but not platform breaking and with the opportunity to simply get to the top tier over a reasonable amount of time (so not endlessly scaling vote power). Cheers!

  2. eosbattlewom

    Nice work, but surprising figures. I thought uptake would be more than that. In my opinion (and I agree with you about the top-heavy nature of TRYBE) I think more thought could be done on how to reward the participation of new users. If these people see no value, they won’t bother.

    But I really like what TRYBE is trying to do.

  3. Dukefish

    I enjoy your data reports so far man, maybe we will see more of the tokens claimed once CPU has resolved.

    I agree with you and have commented before but the rewards for top 10 accounts etc is far to narrow, they need to increase the number of people they air drop to to help inhibit whales.

    I was surprised that there are less than 300 accounts of 5k or more and so many smaller 200 or less accounts. I guess the platform needs to grown and encourage more user participation.

    I look forward to your ongoing data reports!

    1. firedream Post author

      The token is at start up phase and 9k people can be considered as success.
      Let’s keep an eye on the growth.
      I believe in Tom Norwood (@info) and the team since they are really interested and motivated.
      Hence it is not only up to them, now we are all in the same ship.

  4. peter S

    Cannot rate you until tomorrow, will come back.
    As for the 80% owners, don’t forget that those were the people who just signed up
    (=200 trybe) and never came back. I think everyone with less then 1000 trybe should not be in your comparison. The ones above 1000 are the serious members.

    1. firedream Post author

      @pcsasd you have a point, there are many new-comers, with even less than 100 TRYBE.
      715 accounts over 1000 TRYBE, with total amount of 9.2 m TRYBE.
      Then, if we don’t consider the new-comers we have much even split over 715 accounts.
      %11 of TRYBE is at %60 of accounts and the whales are %2 of the accounts holding %27 of TRYBE.
      Still it must be considered how to engage the rest of the accounts to TRYBE.

  5. Workin2005

    Nice work @firedream. I appreciate you breaking down the numbers. Very helpful. As far a whales…yes, those who got in early and contribute the most will get the most reward…at least in these early days of Trybe. That’s true with anything and I feel it’s a fair and honest system. Everyone has equal opportunity to contribute. If someone creates good content and interacts with the community, they’ll get rewarded.
    That said, I do understand your concern. Platforms like STEEMIT are plagued with the problem of whales. This makes it hard for the average person to make any real income. I think what you might be missing is, Trybe is set up differently. Just because someone has a ton of Trybe tokens, does NOT mean they have a great deal more influence. Everyone’s influence is capped at a max of 200 tokens per 5 star upvote. This means, Trybe doesn’t have the problem with whales that other platforms have. Someone with 10,000 Trybe has just as much influence as someone with 100,000 Trybe. This is as close to equal opportunity as it gets in my opinion.

    1. Dukefish

      The voting cap of 200 coins regardless of how many coins you hold is a great mechanisim to counters whales influence, and i do not think people are aware of it yet. That being said, the comments and rating system has a planned update so hopefully that will address some of these concerns.

    2. firedream Post author

      That is fair! Thank you for the clarification. I am trying to find the details of vote weights, I remember I have read it but I can’t find it now…



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