Opening of the construction of the Arab Emirates.

Eko Techno Park .

In 2015, the area of 35 hectares was erected in Belarus for the construction of three demonstration, municipal, freight and speed lines (150 km / h, 250 km / h, 500 km / h)

Track structure

The track structure is the construction of supports and pre-compressed rails. The rail consists of a closed tube inside which a bundle of steel wires is stretched. The rest of the space is filled with a special concrete that increases durability and reduces noise. You can also put communication channels inside

Types of tracks.


The light urban route consists of two sections with different types of track structures: semi-rigid and flexible.The flexible track with a bending track structure, has a total length of 800 meters and spans of 200, 400 and 200 meters with two U-shaped brackets between them, 15 m in height.



These two viaducts are connected to each other by means of rotating sections with a non-connected farm. Turning radius of 15 meters, for turrets, the minimum turning radius is 24 meters. There is a turnout switch on one of the bends.

In 2018, the semi-rigid caterpillar structure was modernized so that it could withstand heavier vehicles. The brackets and swivel rings have been reinforced, and additional string elements have been installed, which are not placed inside the rail, but above it. Initially, it was supposed to serve vehicles up to 4 tons, now it can withstand over 6 tons.

The high-speed route is a difficult track structure with two cable girders, with a total length of 950 meters and a span of 50 meters each. Designed for heavy or high-speed vehicles, providing speeds above 350 km / h. Both suspended and hinged vehicles can move on it.

Unitrans is a type of continuous train: a closed belt moves on wheel sets along a steel rail. It uses an external drive motor that allows you to build load complexes without length restrictions. It is activated by a non-continuous pulling mechanism thanks to the hooks that are located on the outermost drive and Unitrans wheel sets.

Freight transport

Video from Eco Techno Park in Belarus.

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      You’re welcome. I just like this vision of transport and I do not conceal that this type of transport will be accepted all over the world.

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      That’s true. If you are from the Arab UAE for free, the area for the construction of the Skyway test ground is a label that they see a lot of money in this company. We know that nothing is free. In the future, we have to give more to add.



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