She Wore Dragons In Her Hair

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She’d been online for hours and her shoulders were beginning to hunch over and her eyes were tired from the light of the screen and the required fixed gaze focus. She was buying crypto currency, initially to hodl, and with long-term plans to sail down the banks of the ever-increasing digital currencies flowing into crypto streams and rivers.

A telepathic tap on her shoulder from the ‘inner manager’ declared it was time for a walk in the sunshine. She went outside and picked up her newly hand painted magenta and gold tree branch walking stick leaning by the back door. It looked like a staff a pilgrim from olden times would use. She thought of the modern day bike path she would soon be treading upon that so easily could be the daily thoroughfare between medieval villages in fifteenth-century Europe.

She left later than she had planned. Drawing her hair back it seemed as if the dragons fought for a place in the bundle of braids tied at the nape of her neck. Some of the silver dragon pieces were designed in such a way they appeared to be breathing fire down her back. With her staff in hand, she was a few steps into the walk when a dragonfly landed on her right shoulder and stayed for a couple of sandal-clad steps along the driveway from the house. The non-verbal message of the dragonfly; ‘refill the birdbath with fresh water now’. So that is what she did. After all, it was a very hot day and the dragonfly needed a drink.

Thoughts continued to jostle with each other for first place. The current thought was future focused. In a couple of days, she would be boarding the Golden Princess cruise ship with her mother and two younger sisters. But right now it was the fourth day of an over thirty-degree heat wave. Today the ABC news told her it was to be a scorching thirty-nine degrees.

Walking the path in open sandals and a light multi-coloured shawl into the humid day she passed helmet-clad cyclists and dog walking neighbours and pram-pushing parents. She felt as if she was walking into ancient times as these modern-day fellow travelers did not see her. And, if they did the seeing was so short that it was over in a nanosecond. It did not matter that she was not seen for she walked with her higher Self, not her other small ego self, the external polarity in the horizontal world. It was the wiser compassionate Self, in the vertical axis which drew her attention and interest on that bright, sunny morning.

In the distance, she saw the shadow of the modern day Francis of Assisi reflected on the timber fence before she saw his physical body. He had a brown paper bag he was reaching into grabbing old bread for the wild magpie family of mother, father and their young one. A lone magpie stood in the grass ahead. The modern-day Francis carefully placed bits of bread on the ground for the family and solitary magpie. The noisiest of them was the baby one continually squawking ‘ feed me’, ‘feed me’. They exchanged words about how hot the day was going to be and he told her the magpies were his friends. He turned to follow the path with his four-legged disciple trotting behind him.

Further along the path, she came across a dead bird. A magpie right in the middle of the path. Long dead with feet pointing to the heavens. Fossicking for a stick and finding a cockatoo feather she lifted the bird from the hard ground and placed the carcass beneath a tree. In gathering feathers, stones and branches around the bird she was acknowledging the departed life force of the deceased bird and the life it had once lived.

Nearing the end of the walk she crossed the cricket oval. Now barefoot she could feel the coolness of the grass on the soles of her feet. Arriving home she saw a lone feather in the cat’s water bowl. She recognised and received the cosmic thank you of giving the bird an above ground burial.

Under the cool of the air conditioner, she began researching Ripple, Dash, EOS and Proof of Everything. The fast pace online world requires the active left hemisphere of the brain in order to comprehend and understand the digital crypto world of data, graphs and strategies. Whereas the receptive right hemisphere of the brain, being process oriented, non-linear and spatial, needs nourishment such as walking, telling stories, enjoying nature and engaging the senses. It is with whole brain integration she brings a new level of knowledge and wisdom, fact and feeling and insight and intuition to her study of blockchain and digital currency.

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