Sabang Island, a suitable tourist attraction for a year-end vacation.

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Trybe’s friend in this post I will raise an article about a tourist attraction that is suitable for your year-end holidays, of course 2019 will arrive soon and 2018 will end in a matter of days.

Sabang Island is located on the western tip of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Sabang Island is one of the areas of pride of the people of Aceh today, where the island of Sabang is able to provide great assets for the Province of Aceh with a very beautiful natural beauty extraordinary. Sabang Island is an archipelago city in Aceh Province which is one of the free economic areas in the State of Indonesia.

You can make the beauty of Sabang Island as a place for a year-end vacation with family, friends and even colleagues. Sabang has some very beautiful places, its natural beauty is able to give extraordinary nuance when we are there. The beauty of the island of Sabang also attracted the attention of foreign tourists to stop there, as we know a few days ago, two cruise ships from Latin America stopped by to visit the beauty of the tip of the island of Sumatra. Thousands of foreign tourists go around Sabang island to stop for a moment or unwind before they leave for Thailand. Even though they were only temporarily sabangled, the island was able to attract their attention to the beauty that was on the island of Sabang.

There are several tourist attractions that are no less beautiful if we compare them with the beauty of nature abroad. Some suitable places you visit when visiting Sabang are as follows:

Pulau Weh.

Weh Island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Sabang, the island which is overgrown with coral reefs, is now one of the most visited tourist destinations.

Weh Island is a volcanic island whose existence as a tourist attraction is very complete, this island is one of the most complete tourist destinations owned by Aceh where there are beaches with blue sea water, beautiful coral reefs, beautiful fish of various types. Here there are also active Mount Merapi and Mount Merapi at the bottom of the sea, there are also hot springs and other tourist support facilities.

Here also you will get a monument of zero kilometers, you can also see a very beautiful sunrise on this island. On this island you will get some historical evidence in the past where this place was once used as a place of defense for Japanese soldiers when colonizing Indonesia.

Iboih Beach.

Iboih Beach is one of the natural water tourism destinations in Sabang, the underwater beauty that is very stunning makes this beach used as a place for snorkeling for tourists. The expanse of blue sea water and white sand makes this place one of the tourist destinations. There are many cottages around Iboih beach and many facilities are provided for us.

Rubiah Beach.

Rubiah Beach is a paradise for travelers, here you will enjoy the beauty of nature with a beautiful beach. Snorkeling or diving you can enjoy on this beach, various sea food and other foods are also presented on the beach Rubiah. Rubiah Beach also provides accommodation for tourists. Of course all that you can get at affordable prices.

Rubiah Beach is located on the island of Rubiah, where the island has an area of ​​about 2,600 hectares, the island of Rubiah itself, named after a man named Cut Nyak Rubiah whose tomb you can find on the island. Rubiah Sabang Island is also called the paradise of the Underwater Kingdom in Aceh by tourists.

Sumur Tiga Beach Sabang.

Sumur Tiga Beach Sabang is one of the most beautiful places that we must visit while in Sabang. Sumur Tiga Beach Sabang has an extraordinary view of beauty, the sea that is blue collaborated with stunning white sand makes this beach one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Indonesia, thousands of coconut trees located on this beach make the beach suana more cool.

This beach is suitable as a place for snorkeling in the afternoon, but you can also make this beach a place for surfing, because at certain times this beach has big waves. This beach also has supporting facilities for tourists, lodging, food and other support here.

Such are some places that you can visit with family, friends, or work relations when you choose Sabang as a vacation spot later this year. There are still many places to visit in Sabang, there are several other unique places.

Sorry if there are errors and similarities in the words in this post, this post is published nothing more than to give knowledge or information to all of us.

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  1. Muhammad yani

    Sabang island merupakan salah satu tempat wisata yang paling banyak digerami juga oleh banyak kalangan dalam negeri maupun luar negeri,, saya ingin kembali menjejaki kaki di tanah sabang untuk kedua kalinya