At last I have managed to issue my first game played with TRYBE.

Yes, indeed, you can also play it with TRYBE.

For the beta version, the maximum EOS bet is limited with 1 EOS and maximum TRYBE bet is limited with 100 TRYBE.

For now, the game is running on Amazon AWS free server.

Link to the game :

For more information on the game :

I would kindly thank you to all who would test the game and give the feed back on possible bugs and kinks.


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  1. Infosion

    Wow man, very nice! Grats for creating this, this worked fine for me. I lost two games but finally won one 🙂 I just bet with EOS, but I’ll try it out with some TRYBE later.
    Really cool, are you also paying dividends..? 😀

      1. Infosion

        Hehe yeah, allright 😉
        Didn’t have much time so far, but will definitely have a look into the game again! Really very nice and congrats for getting this developed

  2. Udai Pratap Singh

    Wow congratulations dear friend and this is the time to cherish the beautiful moment of success in Trybe one ranking and your games line.
    Awesome my friend.
    God bless you dear.



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