Without a doubt, DC has had more success in its individual films than the well-known Justice League and Batman Vs Superman; not for the least since Wonder Woman has been one of the company’s greatest successes. And this time I give the King of the Seas Aquaman the opportunity to show what is done and silence many detractors’ mouths.

Jason Momoa got into the role of Arthur Curry and I can say that he did very well, although it was not very acceptable, he did his own thing and managed to captivate the public in the best way and demonstrating with his charisma and professionalism that he could and will carry this role for a long time. However, it must be clarified that not everything is rosy, there were many bumps that perhaps overloaded the performance, but they are minimal things that do not pawn the great role he did.

From the beginning of the film, we can see a small introduction of the Atlantic world, with a great performance of the Beautiful Nicole Kidman, playing the role of Arthur’s mother, who fell in love with a guardian of the lighthouse and just there began a relationship that we already know the causes. Already with this anticipation, we see how from the world of Atlantis they come to look for Queen Atlanna and the action begins, so she decides to return to the world of Atlantis and leave her son in the hands of his father.

Already with the course we see how Arthur’s life is developing and entering thanks to the teachings of the great Vulko, and right there begins to appear the beautiful Princess Mera, managing to captivate the screen. She comes with the mission of taking Arthur to the Kingdom of Atlantis so that he can save the two worlds of his brother Orm, something that does not go very well and that makes him go to the depths of the sea to look for the lost scepter.

I can go so far as to say that, in general terms, the film is developing well, but there are things that really caught my attention, such as, for example, the CGI seemed very unstable to me, they lacked a lot to achieve the visual effects they wanted. The plot, too, went so fast that if you neglected you lost the focus of attention, it is understood that the film is based after the events of the Justice League and I think that’s where the main mistake lies because all these films had to be made before releasing Justice League.

Apart from the pathetic soundtrack, did it really occur to you to place a Pitbull song? Lol, with that they left a lot to be desired. Another thing that caused a lot of anger was the chemistry between Arthur and Mera, which was practically nil, apparently Amber was not very comfortable with Jason, even made campaigns on social networks, other fans saying that she would be able to do chemistry with the handsome Jason.

The positive points were the action sequences, which really despite the bad CGI, were well achieved. Another thing. Jason Momoa definitely did exceptionally well, demonstrating every time he is made for important roles, I like the villain very much, since he is something out of the ordinary, although his mission is very similar to that of Thanos to destroy in order to save the world, in general terms very well done. A separate mention should be made of the other villain Black Manta who was indeed very well developed, claiming that, with the post-credit scene, he will be the main villain in Aquaman’s sequel.

Without a doubt, he convinced much more than Justice League and with that adds many positive points and my rating is 6.5/10. PS: Apparently Dc is having a very rare success with his individual films, but he still needs to get there to do what the Marvel monster has achieved.