Have you heard of Prospectors, the currently most complex simulation game, getting ready to launch on EOS. Well i was lucky enough to get an invite so i am playing a prototype right now 😛  At first sight it’s a really comprehensive mining game, tied into an economic simulation of division of labour: not only can you buy and sell resources, goods, products, you can also lease out or fulfill contracts to accomplish any of those tasks.

It reminds me a lot of The settlers (in case you remember the 90ies), which had a somewhat similar gameplay and graphics approach and maybe the Anno series, but never really played this one.

You basically act via three worker figures, you use to prospect the game landscape, to see on which plots are the most lucrative resources (gold, stone). As you can see on the screenshot, it’s really crowded already with some 1200 test players invited and already after a few days, not much land left to explore. and then rent and use for your purposes.

Apart from  mining, there’s a lot of other work, like cutting timber and then making boards and beam out of it, up to eventually building  some workshops etc.  As said all of these tasks can be done by your workers, or  you can comission other workers for that task via a free market. Out of the ressources available (wood, clay, coal, gold), you can build tools and workshops, that are required to produce those tools, or facilities to improve you mining capabilities.

The workshops again can be used to produce mining tools, that are more efficient or replace worn ones. All those things are playing out via free market economics, and the prospectors team doesn’t interfere with prices directly.

Whereas the graphic where ok (a bit too old for  modern video game standards, it surpasses everything  to be seen on-chain these days, also for the complexity of the game play. And the economics determined by the players, to a much farther degree than like with EOS knights, where the dapp team has reserved a few central points for themselves. 

Unfortunately the token economics doesn’t really play out properly: Producing equipment requires a steep investmentphase as the workshops require considerable resources to be provided by a player for building, so tools are really expensive. Yet the issue is you need to replace your tools on a regularily  other they wont work:


As you can see that the shovels are there, and really waiting to be bought, but the prices are so steep, no matter if you use the equipment for mining or for labour, the costs are higher than what you can withdraw as an amount from sales or contract orders. So sooner or latter you run out of tools/instruments that you initially have got, but you are neither able to buy in, as the costs to buy exceeed what you can generate.

An admin on their telegram tonight said that they are aware of those issues and would deploy a fix after the next release early next week. So lets hope that they update the dapp and make a few more governance points were discussed.

I certainly would like to see the balances and costs better better harmonised per Person.  Also the lifespan of the tools need to increase, as its no only 10 days.  I persoanlly will wait for an update as now currently i can hardly pay.

Have you tried out Prospectors yet?



  1. firedream

    Wow…a much simple version of this is what I was dreaming to make on Steem…Then I decided it is above my skills yet!
    But I am eager…I will make one on Trybe 🙂

  2. CryptosDecrypted

    Thanks for the overview @conceptskip. Despite the early dev issues Prospectors sounds like my kind of game. I tried to register but was told registrations were closed for the moment. I’ll check it out on full release.

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      PGL isnt listed anywhere. From game dynamics the challenge is, an axe costs more than you can realise with it from selling the wood you cut with it.

      1. Conceptskip Post author

        5 EOS cents? This is crazy, the game tokens arent onchain yet, and you will loose them after the Beta. I wonder where those PGL come from, did i miss an airdrop?

  3. Cornel

    Yes, I’m anticipating this game for quite a while as well already, but thanks for letting us know about the economics; I really will not be interested to play a game if the costs for production exceed the profit that you can acquire.

  4. Siddartha

    This game has serious potential. It has been in the eyes of EOS community, exchanges, devs for a while. PGL is one of the first few EOS tokens to get listed by Bancor.
    I’m also playing this game right now and I agree with all your points above. Good thing is that it is not on chain right now and not full releases. So devs have plenty of time and opportunity to experiment with different approaches to make the game economically stable for all.

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Thx man! Hope to get a few gpl from beta. Yes it is absolutely valid, that the devs take time and not just throwing out the game. It’s amazing to me, since i’ve been aware of prospectors for a while, but didn’t realize how deep the waters of it are….