Dear @trybeone and my lovely friends this is my pencil sketch work and first of all I want to salute the Army personal who are quite responsible for our security and good sleep, if i am correct they are only behind our happiness who sacrifices their lives on our border to make safe his country and peoples, so dear friends its a little tribute to the army men of every nation and friends I am dedicating my artwork to the real hero of our life, our Army men.

Friends I also recorded the complete making process of thisbeautiful portrait and uploaded on YouTube so my friends enjoy the video of making this very amazing pencil sketch.

See the video on Youtube and enjoy my efforts.

Here below you can see and enjoy the making process of this beautiful portrait as I shared all the snaps of making process.


While making this portrait I used simple drawing sheet, HB bold pencil and blending stamps to beautify the portrait.

My Dear friends I made this pencil sketch in the memory of A Brave son of a brave mother and a brave child of our motherland and this is my little tribute to this “Hero” of the nation India.

Friends few months back we lost our brave soldier Lt.  Amit Kumar who was posted in Sri Nagar and during the militant infiltration to our border region a counter operation of our Army was lead by this brave Soldier and bravely he killed three militants and lost his life so dear friends I want to dedicate this artwork to first of all this brave son of our country and then to all the Army men of the World and every person related to the security services from whole around the world and I request you to share this post so everyone can assume the bravery of this son of Motherland, Baharat.

Thank you.

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