Most of our followers probably know that @laputis and I are organists who draw. Specifically we draw comics about the adventures and screw-ups of Pinky the piglet, Spiky the hedgehog and their imaginary friends.

What would happen if we combined these comics with the organ music that we play?

This is the idea behind a video we made recently. We first created a series of comics about Pinky and Spiky building a pipe organ. Then we took the music from our organ duet performance in Paslek, Poland where we played Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F Major, BWV 1046, among other pieces on the 1719 organ built by Andreas Hildebrandt.

What came out is this 5 minute video we have made over the holidays. We hope you will enjoy it.

@tarazkp in one of his first posts in 2019 asked to write New Year’s resolutions in the comments and I wrote about our project of Pinky and Spiky building an organ. Here’s what he replied.

It reminds me of childhood. My older brother played the organ and the pipe organ well. It looks like your project is going to be a lot of fun to create 🙂

I made the drawings and @laputis colored them with our oil pastel. Mostly I made the drawings when @laputis was teaching harmony and organ to the group of church organists in Vilnius. She colored them very diligently one by one at home, sometimes when I wasn’t around. You can see she is much more precise than I am with coloring. When I would come home a surprise would be waiting for me in the form of several colored comics.

Some of you might remember how about a month ago I went to Rokiskis to dismantle an organ with my friend Paulius who is the organist of St Joseph parish in Vilnius. His parish has bought this organ from the Rokiskis college which was being shut down. During the dismantling process which lasted all day, I took lots of photos which became the basis for these comics.

Our goal this year is to expand it to 45 minutes so that we could use it in our organ demonstrations for children. Since these comics don’t involve any text, there is no limitation to certain language and the project could be performed in organ festivals in various countries.

We know that currently the organ world faces a challenge of attracting young audiences to the organ and we hope to be able to contribute towards a brighter future of our beloved instrument.

Let us know what you think.

Vidas Pinkevicius​

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    Very entertaining again, thank you. Might I suggest that you post less often? That way people who stop by and enjoy your work can rate it and you can get Trybe tokens in return for your effort. If you have 2 posts or more at the same time some of them will most probably get fewer votes than if you wait a little. Just my two cent. I hope this helps.



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