Hi good morning @trybe and dear magical man of the planet the Artists, this is Raghao again with my latest pencil sketch and I am making it very lovely so you can enjoy it and appreciate my artwork.

Friends making pencil sketches are always exciting and I really enjoy the art and it’s beauty whenever it’s come to the turn of a pencil Sketch, as this is the term I love most and when pencil creates something wonderful it’s heart touching moment for me and I think every artist feels that joy of happiness and emotions after the competition of an artwork which is fascinating and fantastic.

Here I am making a pencil Sketch of my best friend who is a very wonderful person lives in my neighbourhood and I can say he is like a best friend, like a big brother, a guardian who cares me, encourage me to do my best always and a wonderful person behind all my success in life. So it’s a surprise work for my wonderful brother and best friend.

Artistic material I used for making this sketch.

  • Cartridge sheet.
  • Kneadable eraser
  • HB Pencil No 0,2,3,4
  • Blending Stumps

Drawing of this wonderful sketch started with eyes and slowly it covers the face and I tried to complete the face of the portrait as this is the most important part of any drawing which will affect the whole portrait look.








Friends this artwork is dedicated to my friend and colleague who is very special for me and we always discuss several hours on different topics, sometimes it covers the general gossip of cricket match, sometimes we discuss for the betterment of our society and sometimes it’s a discussion any movie or song we rarely discus about politics and any frutile matter. He is a man of good heart and soul and I pray to God for his good health and success.

 Thank you.



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