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Early Saturday morning in my Australian time, the newest release for Path of Exile, Betrayal was released for all to play. I got a couple of extra hours sleep as the release meant a new competition to partake in, so I would be playing all day and night for that.

After waiting eagerly for the download which wasn’t heaps long, but took a bit of time, finally I would be able to start playing to see what is new and how high I could level some characters…

Oh but there was a queue to get in due to a higher number of players wanting to play, but the queue for me started at about 6000 people. So they stuck with using Twitter to communicate to the community and explain why there is a queue which was also in the game menu. Servers went down at least two or three times for short maintenance which was a pain, but stabilised the game.

After some hassles I was leveling up a duelist quite well and noticed some of the new changes they brought in. Firstly, the Delve mine that came with the last release, that is meant to be an end game option now which meant no easy levels and gear early on from the mine.

They added a beast master, Einhar who has a new location with additional things you can get to and experience. I didn’t deal too much with it, but I did fight some of the beasts for him to capture and they are tougher if they have a red icon on the map, not the yellow icon beasts. Worth doing to gain access to a new area where you talk to Einhar and have locations to travel to from within, something I need to do when I next play.

Another new addition in Betrayal is the syndicate where you will encounter their caravans or strongholds throughout the areas. You have to defeat the bosses of these in order to capture or execute them etc. This though can give a good amount of experience and loot as well as building up your syndicate progression.

But be careful if you decide to go into the syndicate laboratory as there is a great challenge involved, if you are not careful. I lost my first duelist to the boss inside which was sad, but I experienced it none the less.


All the full information and details of what Betrayal is about, what it brings as changes and what you can expect before delving right into the game in case you want to be safe. It is well worth looking into and the game is amazing, free to play, and provides many hours of enjoyment over the seven different characters (Scion gets unlocked at a certain point in the game).

Consider it like the Diablo games, specifically Diablo 3. You go around killing things, completing quests, leveling your character while building up your gear to get stronger and add more skill gems to use for however you build your character.

(Path of Exile Betrayal details) https://www.pathofexile.com/betrayal