Dear @trybeone community and my beautiful friends good evening. Friends, it’s always a fun and pride for me when I make something related to my village and country, this is a real image of a hut in my village and so I draw it and want to share with all of you the fans of Art. Friends in India we believe that our villages are the land of God and the heaven of earth can be seen there easily, so my dear friends it’s a lovely experience or you can say it’s an over whelming moment for me when I draw something very beautiful and interesting related to our Indian villages. So my beautiful friends enjoy with me the beauty of our villages and I tried my best to draw this painting as like the original is and in my view its very lovely to see the beauty of my village with the painting.

Friends I uploaded the complete process on Youtube as how I made this wonderful painting so my dear friends come and see the complete making of this landscape art on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe my channel.

Friends our villages are truly the most beautiful place on this earth and if it’s our own village it always attracts us to enjoy the rustic culture and pious feelings of the countrymen. Friends this artwork will definitely makes your mood and sometimes it will recall your village memories and if you have any feeling my dear friend don’t forget to share with me as I am eagerly waiting for your comments. Here below I shared the complete making process of the painting in several steps.

Dear friends thank you vey much for your very lovely and wonderful support you given me and its very important for me, once again friends you are awesome and thank you for your valuable love and support.