Times are always changing, can be marked by innovations developed through technology that is getting the more sophisticated day. Now, we feel cannot be separated from mobile phones, because it has become a part for our lives.

Even when we go out, we always feel there is less than ourselves if the phone is left behind, for that we are willing to go back home to pick it up.

In an age that has been sophisticated, the communication media becomes one important thing. We will not miss information, and we know the state of our friends, through mobile phones. I myself started using mobile phones since high school.

Various types of mobile phones I’ve ever used. Actually, I am not a person who likes to change the phone, so I do not use too many types of mobile phones. Because I will only replace it if my phone is damaged, or when I want to upgrade to more sophisticated technology.

credit: el-asyi

Below is my experience, when I was first acquainted with mobile phones until now, the transition period will probably remind you of the first phone you use, and so on.

NOKIA 8310 (2004)

I used my mobile phone in 2004, when it was, In my place, we still rarely find mobile phones that have a color screen, even almost none. The ability of people to buy a new phone is still very minimal because the price of mobile phones is still high.

I buy a used mobile phone, whose price I can reach. You know what? before I use the phone, I have first had a sim card, which I keep in my pocket wallet. I always borrow my friend’s phone to communicate, using my sim card, so it’s don’t use my friend credit LOL.

This phone has a blue monochrome screen, has infrared, and I like it is, I can change this mobile phone casing at will. In addition, I also remember when I pinned the flashing signal lights behind the body. I only used this phone until 2006, because I have found little damage to it. I then sell it underpricing.

MOTOROLA C155 (2006)

Have you ever seen a phone like this? I’m still very impressed, has a tiny mobile phone, shaped like a deodorant bottle LOL.

What is unique, this phone has a small screen, but full color, although the resolution is still low. But, with this phone, I still can open the web. Can you imagine, a web on a small screen? Haha! After using this phone, then I was interested to use Motorola brand.

MOTOROLA E398 (2008)

Futuristic design, elegant, has a good sound system, with great sound. I am interested to have this phone. Another plus is having an external memory card, a place to store music and video. Full-color screen and comfortable when I held it.

I bought it in new condition. This mobile already equipped with a camera and Bluetooth features, I often take it, especially when fishing, to listen to music. I’m still a teenager and still love music and entertainment, so I have not bought a mobile phone for my work.

Nokia XpressMusic (2010)

When my friends became interested in using BlackBerry, I still love to use mobile phone with ABC123 keyboard. My fingers are not familiar with the QWERTY keyboard.

So, I chose this phone as a replacement of the old phone, after all, in 2010 I was still interested to listen to music. I think this stuff is the right choice.

Besides that, I also know Nimbuzz application, a mobile social messenger which combines instant messaging (IM), which at that time still not present a new application like Whatsapp.


This is the first SMARTPHONE generation in my hand. In 2012 I have entered the world of work. I work for a survey service company. I decided to buy this phone because it has a QWERTY keyboard that I can use quickly when inputting data from each respondent I interviewed.

Although I am not proficient in using QWERTY keyboard, but because habitual, then I was able to use it smoothly. This phone also already has a touch screen feature. Until now I still keep it, even if it’s damaged.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Grand Prime (2015)

Times are increasingly changing, mobile cameras have become one of the new needs, especially with the presence of various social media. People already have phones with the best camera. I finally did settle on a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

This phone has a camera with high resolution. I still like Samsung which uses Android as OS. I had time to use this phone until finally get to know Steemit. I’ve uploaded many pictures by using this phone.

Everything is a screen, no more hard keyboard, the touch screen provides new ease for surfing in cyberspace. Then I sell this phone, because of the limitations of its RAM, only 1GB.

SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 Prime (2017 – until now)

Almost no frame left, everything is full of screens. I dropped my option on this phone because it has 3GB of RAM. Coupled with 4G signal capability, I can surf in cyberspace, especially in steemit, trybe and other cryptocurrencies trading.

I bought this phone in July 2017, and I still use it until now. Consciously or not, caring or not, times will still change, and we too, we will change to keep up with the times.

Only 7 types of mobile phones that I have been using for my life, from 2004 to the present. I do not know yet, what kind of mobile phone will I use, as a companion of my life.

That is all from me, I hope you all enjoy this story and try to remember about the first experience when you use the phone / Smartphone. As a note, I’ve published this article last year (with some difference style), you can read it here.  Thanks!

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  1. Muhammad yani

    Terkadang lucu jika mengingat ini semua, perkembangan yang mampu merubah pola pikir manusia bisa berupa teknologi seerti handphone serta kemdaraan yang mempermudahkan manusia

  2. Rauzal Juanda

    Telepon genggam dari masa ke masa ya bang, postingan mengingatkan saya ketika menggunakan hp jadul. Saya termasuk suka mengoleksi hp jadul, salah satu koleksi saya hp nokia 7610. ehehe



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I like this article, I remember on my first mobile phone Ericsson T29

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