Hi trybees, so glad to find myself in this wonderful community of writers, I’ve heard so much about trybe platform. So I finally decided to give it a shot. The sign up process was hassle free and the user interface is very easy to adapt to.

I’m vina Austin from Benue state Nigeria.

I’m a BSC holder in Agric engineering. Currently working in a NGO.

My hobbies includes reading as well as writting. I read averagely 2 books per week. I’ve been writing ever since I was 14.

I also love traveling and making new friends. I’ve been to around 15 different states in Nigeria with my home town included.

I see myself as an extrovert because I easily fit in and make new friends were ever I find myself. I believe the world is a small place and you never can tell where you might need a Friend.

I’m a crypto enthusiast and a believer if Blockchain technology. I’ve traded crypto in some exchanges like Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex so I have quite some experience when it comes to trading. I’ve also involved myself with some cloud mining networks. like Genisses mining and Kuvera.

I enjoy practically all kids of sports with Volleyball being my favorite sport. I was a team leader of my school volleyball team back then in highschool. I really miss those old days so much that atimes, I wish I can just take back the hands of time And enjoy those priceless moments again. “Oops! I guess I just forgot that change is the only constant thing in life”!

I really hope my experience in Trybe is going to be fun filled. Though with what I’ve seen so far, I can tell that Trybe community is really amazing and is going to be a place were people will run to in the nearest future for informations in all aspects of life with cryptocurrency being the paramount.

I’ve taken my time to read some articles on the platform and they were all very educative and highly informative and most importantly, they were original contents.

It’s always been a great deal for writers to get thier content monetized considering the cost of building a blog and the great deal of work needed to generate huge trailer load of traffic to your website/blog.

So for this reason, I want to say a very Big Big thank you to the entire trybe team for bringing content minimization to our finger tips .

Thank you for reading my introduction post! You call always check back for quality contents and I will post more articles here once I fully get to understand every aspect of the platform.

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