Henna dye is made from a plant named Lawsonia inermis. This plant is dried out and then made into a powder which is made into liquid. Henna is used to make patterns/designs on the skin, staining the skin, like a temporary tattoo. It is not harmful, having a allergic reaction to it is very rare.

Henna dye mostly comes in a triangle cone (as seen in the picture below). Henna is usually dark brown in colour and once applied to the skin it slowly turns darker making it look black. Henna drys onto your skin and after 4 – 6 hours you can peel it off and see a beautiful dark maroon/brown stain on your skin. This lasts for around 7 – 10 days, henna gets darker in the first 24 hours and then slowly lightens.

My experience with henna

I have been doing henna designs for around 9 years, I started with just drawing/designing on my family for fun. Then around age 19 I took more interest into it. I really enjoy it, all the designs I can create and best part is its just temporary, so you can just design more after a few days. My inner artist comes out. I usually do henna on family, friends and clients. I enjoy coming up with new designs for each person.

Applying henna on the arms and legs has been a huge traditional from where I come from, which is Pakistan. We see it as a symbol of beauty, like make-up or salon nails. It was mainly used on brides and the celebration of Eid. Recently its gotten so big around the world, its seen as a trend, mainly for festival goers.  It’s a lovely thing to see, having many people interested in it.



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