I would like to share to the Trybe community my crypto passive income portfolio that I have started building since the bear market of 2018. This is not an investment advice, but rather one of my strategies of accumulating my position during this down turn. Once I have reached my target goals for each coin, I would often convert it to BTC, EOS, and cash.

EOS Related Projects

This is CPU mining with a true purpose. When you join the pool, your CPU is used towards medical, scientific, and astronomy research. In return you will earn BOID tokens that can be sent directly to your EOS account. I am current ly running several Intel i7 computers in my garage and office. The BOID app is very easy to install and setup, currently supported in windows and MAC.


If you received Karma tokens via airdrop a few months ago, you can power it up or stake it through EOS toolkit. You can claim rewards every 7 days.
Keep in mind that if you unstake then you will have to wait 3 days.


Much like Karma, you can stake it using EOS Toolkit website, but you earn ECash. You can claim rewards every 7 days.


To stake you will need to visit link below and link your account via Scatter. You have the option of staking weekly or monthly.


Write  blog and earn Trybe tokens. They are currently running monthly airdrops and bonuses, visit their site for more info on airdrops.
You can also stake Trybe tokens, this was recently enabled.

Other Projects

Uses Delegated Proof of Stake, meaning you can keep staking without your wallet being opened 24 x 7. Rewards come in the form of GAS tokens. Link below shows you how much GAS you can earn.


Masternode and Staking Coins

LightPay Coin
They are working on releasing ATMs and Point of Sale devices, you can earn passive income by staking the coins or you can run a masternode if you have 1000 LPC coins. You can also earn additional income if your masternode is linked to an ATM, more details to be released by the team.


The project is focused on building two platforms, an options exchange and a betting platform.
You can stake and/or setup masternodes.


I consider this project a hidden gem of crypto. Not only you can stake and setup masternodes for passive income, but they have a working platform for freelancers. Think of it as Fiverr on the blockchain.


Good Luck and please do your own research 🙂