Hello, trybe!!! I am very delighted to make this post, I think it’s a lil awkward making a debut into the community on the last day of the year. Wow, 2018 for me was the year I made an entrance into the world of social blogging.

I actually stumbled on steemit( a social media platform for blogging) around this same period, but I was very lazy to make an introductory post, until a few days later into the year. Same almost happened here on trybe lol, But I won’t let that same trend happen again.

My sobriquet has not changed, it remains @antigenx everywhere you can think of (steemit, weku, bearshares, smoke) lol, whaleshares, scorum and a few of them had a little challenge with the username, but somehow I found my way. I am a licensed medical doctor with a soft heart for humans and humanity at large. I am a Nigerian and aeries by astrology- 8th April to be precise.

Today as I write this post, I choose to reflect on my 2018 journey went in the aspect of my social blogging platforms


Like I said earlier, I actively started blogging in January this year with the username @antigenx, I was elated when I joined the [platform](https://steemit.com/@antigenx) because I saw it as very different interphase to interact and share original contents from different authors. Initially, it was a little bit challenging because I had to learn the rules of engagement surrounding the platform and the dos and donts. I didn’t find it difficult in making friends and living my life one post a day lol.

I really enjoyed the community participation, the contest, and so many other things the platform had to offer. I even became a community manager wow. I think this really helped to brush me up in blogging.


Along the line probably in August, somehow, I got introduced to [scorum](https://scorum.com/en-us/profile/@antigen), which happened to be a sports blogging platform just like steemit. As an inquisitive dude, I decided to try it out. After making a single post, I found out that I wasn’t cut out for that kind of blog. I mean I admire those content creators who churn out a good quality post.

I don’t envy them much lol because I obviously suck at sports, but I always love to be kept abreast of all the happenings, so I went back to my news updates on blitz.


I think allthese happened simultaneously, well I don’t think there is much to say about [them](https://whaleshares.io/@antigen-x), they are quite similar to steemit, but I lost the zeal along the line in creating content for obvious reasons. I just was not happy seeing users using money to influence their rank or power in these platforms


Till date, I cannot really say I know much about EOS, I hope to create out time to learn more, I must say I am quite fortunate to own an EOS wallet, which helped me to belong to some EOS communities I discovered along the fourth quarter of the year. The likes of KARMA, TRYBE, that rewards content creators with special tokens.


I think I am in love with the trybe platform, it looks a little different from the previous ones I have created content on. I even got to read about the different ranks ascribed to the users of the platform. I guess it won’t be out of place for me to refer to myself as a novice here. I hope very soon I would rise to the likes of apprentice, sentinel, council, high council, elder, seer and even a grandmaster some day.

I am tempted to believe that saying.” Saving the best for the last’ applies to trybe and the rest of them. It seems trybe got my full attention in the year 2019. This is me officially making my debut appearance on my page on trybe.

IMAGE CREDITS:   https://pixabay.com/en/social-media-manager-online-1958774/


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