There are some things that I would love to remind you before you proceed. They are things that you probably know, but I have found out that they are also things that people need to be reminded of again and again.

You are In Charge of how your Life turns Out. The only assurance that your tomorrow will be better is if you get better today. A lot of people are just spending Life marking time, without realizing that they hold the key to the level of height that they will achieve in this Life.

They are very comfortable with fitting in and moving with the crowd while desiring that the world treats them in a special way.

How can someone help you get a Job when you have no Marketable skills? How can someone teach you about ways to make money online when you don’t want to sit down and learn how to conduct a proper Google search for vital information.

80% of the problems that people are facing today can be solved with a simple Google search. is the biggest website in the world, that which has every other website linked to it, but people undervalue it every day or simply just ignore it’s potential. People prefer to waste their time online engaged in various unproductive tasks.

There are some who will always claim that they are busy, but when you tell them to give you a rundown of their online activities they leave you with a blue tick. 

They often remind me of a saying always used by my Aunt “Busy doing Nothing”.

There are some who believe that all they need to be is happy and enjoy life, they believe that things will eventually work out, or better still make it by hook or crook.

All the people being celebrated today, the people who make the Forbes list and the other Rich lists are people who invested their Lives. And I am not saying that you have to reach your late forties or early fifties before hitting the Millions mark like them.

Your parents lived through a time when Societal norms had a huge role in how a person turned out, in their days a University education was the best way out, they had to go to school. But you have the Internet, The Eighth Continent, It is populated with Billions of people from over 150 countries, it is a place where you can build out your own little country and rule as president.

Majority of the Billionaires that we have today made their Money on the Internet without having to jump through the hoops placed out by Society. Mark Zuckerberg did not build Facebook successfully because he had a First Class degree in Computer Engineering backing him.

My Mentor, Jon Morrow did not build a Media Company worth Millions of dollars because he went to Harvard, he built his online brand while being strapped down to a WheelChair, and he is only able to move just his Face. 

If you just read this, I urge you to start now to do something. Do what you know how to do best and be consistent in it, your not gonn regret it in subsequent years to come.

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