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Hello friends! I have been admitted to MIT Bootcamp in Brisbane2019 with around 50 thousand applicants last year I could not believe it when I got this:

You were selected from an outstanding pool of applicants based on the selection criteria: capacity for calculated risk, open and critical thinking, initiative with follow-through, and focus on community.  MIT’s mission is to educate students in science and technology to best prepare them to solve the world’s greatest challenges.The MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an accelerated-learning program by MIT Bootcamps for students to learn and practice leadership and innovation principles taught at MIT. In one week, the Bootcamp will provide you with experiences innovators face in the first 1-2 years of a new venture.

This bootcamp is an amazing opportunity for me to change my life course, legitimatize my skills, make me more employable and feed back to the community all that I will learn. I have always been generous to people who I can help professionally and personally but with all my skills and knowledge my CV doesn't look as attractive as it could.

I started a not for profit - Canberra Blockchain Centre 10 months ago. Before that I donated three years to a project in Canberra trying to re-vitalize a forgotten suburb for the community.

I am passionate about bringing people together and creating communities with shared interests and values because I believe that we need these connections for individual happiness and the challenging future that we all face. Both ventures have been really successful but I find it difficult to charge for the information and resources that I give to people who need it because I do not view communication with people as a commodity. While generosity is a good idea on paper, I have sacrificed a lot in my home life to keep it all going. I have lost opportunities to study and work for pay and I find I am now at a time in my life where I need to make money to continue the community work that I am doing.

The fees for the Bootcamp is 9000$US=12500$AU for the week and a trek. I need to pay a deposit of 3000$US ASAP and the full fees are due by the 2nd of January. It might sound a lot but taking the fees at MIT into consideration and having one to two years of university course crammed into this intense week I see it as cheap.

More about the Bootcamp;


EOS address: canberrabloc

If you have the means of adding anything to this I would truly appreciate it and promise to pay back 10x in community credits and impact.

Thank you kindly,

Paulius Gutauskas

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    1. Paulius Gutauskas Post author

      Thank you! I am really honoured to have been given this chance, unfortunately I will have to pull out as havent reached my goal and with family and gofundme campaign could only reach about 50% of my target, have until 2nd of January to get the rest.