The excuse of am buzy I don’t have time, this said to be one of the mistake we make often,that we don’t have time.


is a time for every thing, we should learn how to make out time especially in doing God’s work.

He is the author and finisher of everything. Out of things he created around us, we now claim to be buzy with those things than the creator.

No matter how buzy we are, from now henceforth and in these coming new year, nothing should make us say I don’t have time in doing God’s work, for he is the one giving us the ability to do what ever we desire.

The word I don’t have time even in our businesses have made our children not to feel the presence of a mother or father at home,

If actually God,your family, business, friends are important to us,the habit of saying I don’t have time am buzy will be minimize.

Many children don’t know their patent,because of the distance that is established by parent, just in the name of work.

Our God is a jealous one, he don’t like sharing his time with any other activities. God should not be seen as a spair part in our dealings, you only look for him when your powers fails you,or when you are expecting something you need him to help you out, which from the beginning you never look fexcuse.. You keep saying my brother workoo,hmmm ,I tell you it is difficult for God to answer such calling.

I decide to write these article to let us know that no matter how buzy we are,we should always create time to say God, thank you for the breath of life, for his protection, provision, life,an for his preservation like wise creat time for our families.

“Saying I am buzy I don’t have time is a lousy excuse.

One again happy chrismass and happy new year.

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