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  • Crytpo Gambling Introduction for Casino Reward Dividends + Differences in Expected Value at Poker, Betting and Casino Games

    There’s obvious a difference if you play in a casino or own it. If you play you might be lucky a few times, but in the long run you’re losing the more you play casino games. If you’d own a casino…

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    • Interesting article Infosion. Yep, always remember the edge is with the house, even with blockchain gambling ‘something’ will likely tip the odds against the average player walking away richer than they came in (in the long-run). I would also add, that if you choose to gamble with your crypto try to ensure you are not using ‘investment funds’. If you are….then consider that every EOS you gamble should return x20 or more because that’s a fair long-term value assessment of EOS over a 3-5 year horizon (just my opinion of course).

      • That’s very true yes! Especially bankroll management for gambling, for your investments in a whole and how much money you allow yourself to gamble/trade/”work” with (which is seperated from your long term investments) is probably another really important subject to cover.
        Also good point to keep in mind with the 20x, that’s really also to consider when wagering bets – with the price of EOS being so relatively low at the moment.
        Thanks for your input!

    • Thanks Infusion, I suppose investing in certain crypto is gambling in its own rights, but the return is inevitable if patient and choose the right project. Gambling at a casino is very daunting, from a smile to a cry within in minutes or a scream of joy if you happen to hit it big on the very few occasions, I steer away from gambling personally.
      Great article, keep it up and thank you.
      Mark (Zeus69)

      • Your welcome and Thanks for thoughts!
        And yes, you’re absolutely right, some cryptos are today like the swings of a casino and even seem in the long rum a gamble .. 😉

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