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  • Jimmy D wrote a new post 2 weeks ago

    Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

    The ability to not have to trust an institution with your money is a great thing.  Non centralized ledgers on the blockchain mean that pretty much no matter what, so long as you hold the key, your assets are…

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    • Great info. Thanks Jimmy!

    • Excellent post, Jimmy :), ledger is my favorite hardware, it’s simple and dynamic, I like it! 🙂

  • Jimmy D wrote a new post 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    CryptoMania Slots Review Content Competition & Promotional Event

    Hello good ladies and gentlemen of Trybe!!

    It’s that time again whereby TRYBE.ONE has partnered up with yet another exciting EOS dApp to bring you our latest content competition.  In an effort to shake it up a bit and roll…

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    • Thank you tryx066!! Very much appreciated. And yes, some luck but I’m guessing some serious skill in the content part as well 😉

    • Well that’s interesting.
      I assume that one must be willing to risk a few EOS/MANIA in order to test the system, or is there some kind of testnet?

    • Excellent work, Jimmy :), this brings more interaction to the community!

    • Something like that yeah. let them try for free, then make them play for real. Perhaps it could be linked to a certain maximum amount of hours played or something like that.

  • Jimmy D wrote a new post 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    How to Trade Bitcoin: A Not So Brief Nor Overtly Technical Overview

    Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) is unlike any other asset class for a number of reasons.  From a traders perspective, one of the most notable being that it just never stops.  While chatting with a friend of mine the other…

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  • Jimmy D wrote a new post 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    CoinMetro: Redefining Banking In the Crypto Age


    I’m pretty set on the exchanges that I use and somewhat trust, and to be completely honest with the exception of a couple, have all but moved away from centralized exchanges in favor of the decentralized DEX models.  That…

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    • Excellent post!, Jimmy :), it’s super complete, I’ll read it later, thank you very much for sharing it!

    • I’ve never used CoinMetro, despite having tried many different exchanges. I followed your link and I like what I see (even if the website reminds me strongly of the district0x one 🙂 ). It looks like a great place for someone new to crypto to trade. Having said that, the functionality looks really impressive – like all the different payment methods they accept.

      I strongly advise against margin trading in crypto. The markets are highly volatile, fickle and things could go wrong very fast.

  • Jimmy D wrote a new post 1 month ago

    Buddhism: Branching Out

    Part II: Branching Out
    1. The Concept of Anatman.

    Anatman, a strictly Buddhist concept distinguishing its teachings from that of Hinduism, maintains that beings are a series of momentary energy flashes or configurations a bundle of ever-changing sense impressions, feelings, ideas,…

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    • Excellent post, Jimmy:), with 30 years of age I could understand that the mind is inseparable from being, is a companion who is always with us wherever we are, even in the solitude of a secret place, our mind judges our actions good or bad, having our mind calmly we get to experience an abundant peace, the mind is a built house that must be protected from the thief who wants to enter it and steal our possessions, external things must be analyzed from the conscious mind, using reason, logical analysis to understand their nature, everything has a cause, an effect, a reaction and a consequence, the person who stops using reason is similar to a raft in the sea that is moved from one side to the other by wind currents, so is the person who reacts to each emotion leaving aside his intellect.

      Great teachings have been left by people with brilliant minds throughout history, unfortunately the writings have been changed so that religions had meaning and people were easily controlled, I myself have had to go through that torment in search of a greater understanding of myself and what surrounds me 😉

    • The artwork caught my attention, and its something common for me as i am an artist. The solemn and realistic play is outstanding. Not to mention the colour combination and style…..mindblowing

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