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  • DC wrote a new post 9 months ago

    BetDice Staking NOW – Receive Rewards EVERY Hour….

    For those of you who keep up to date with your airdgrabs and received FREE BetDice tokens (DICE) you can now receive another passive revenue stream from simply “staking” your free gift. Similarly players who have accumulated rewards from…

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    • Just a quick update to my article since this morning. And that is that the staking window now has a countdown clock in the Payout Pool tab, so you can check on progress is you wish. Secondly, once you claim your rewards, you can actually re-stake those to maximise your returns if you want to 🙂

      • yeah and halving of dice rewards for mining is reducing the dumping of mined dices on the market, so we are also having price appreciation of dice tokens.

        • Yep – you got it… reduced supply = price appreciation 🙂

    • Thanks for this post David. I didn’t even notice the Payout tab until you brought it to attention;)

    • Another great article David, keep them coming. At the moment staking Dice tokens is more valuable than staking on chintai.

      • Hi Blackpanther – and thank you. I’ve also noticed that because so many DICE tokens are locked into staking more bets are being placed with EOS than before, so the EOS reward ratio is even better than when I originally posted 🙂

    • Thanks did not know

    • Excellent, detailed article David. Also very useful that you take the time to run through the figures as you do in all similar articles). Off to check this out now.

    • I’m so impressed how fast the BetDice developers implement new features. The daily volume of 8,766,634.82 EOS is incredible!

    • BetDice is certainly attracting a lot of attention, the user numbers are soaring, I must jump on board. Thanks

      • I must admit I bought in with 30 EOS via newdex at around 0.0004, so around 75k (and all staked). My current calculations are it returns around 1 EOS per 7/8 days for that level – let alone the DICE tokens you can re-stake. So who knows, after 6 months maybe they’ll all be free. But they keep paying if you keep them staked. But this assumes a lot of things, for example, their creativity to promote, how many users go for it etc etc. And if you go for the faucet thing, now limited to 10 a day max – but you will have to bet 1.0001 EOS for each extra click now, you can just keep clicking through. I suspect these guys have a real big pool of reserve funds to innovate and create other things. All I can say is “watch this space” and ride it while it lasts 🙂

    • Wow! Just checked out their website and logged in with the aid of scatter but i have no idea how to earn dice. Seems i have to pay with EOS? what happens if i lose? EOS gone?

    • Very good and simple introduction. Thanks!

    • Well done and thanks for sharing

  • DC wrote a new post 9 months ago

    TELOS Reward Programme

    Telos and their Airdrop

    So, we all know about TELOS, right? The “sister chain” of EOS which will be sitting alongside EOS when their mainnet goes “live”. Currently in testnet mode (you can check its block activity here: https://testnet.telosfoundation.io/), their…

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    • Great information David, thanks for writing this, Ill share this one. 🙂

      • Thanks Luke – and I put it together as not only is the programme ending soon but I also hadn’t seen an article that actually detailed the rewards available. Yes, articles which referenced it, but none that actually detailed it. And in these days where we have just seconds to grab the attention, I thought it would make sense 🙂

    • Thanks for the Telos reward program update, David. Cheers

    • Thank you David, very useful, the issue I have in general, I have all my crypto on Binance exchange, I know it sounds stupid, but, shew there are so many wallets, exchanges, places to store, etc etc. Its freaking me out. 🙂
      I’m not even sure if Binance will accept the drops????
      But I enjoyed your content and I think very valuable.

      • Hi Zeus. You really should move your asstes to wallets where you have control of the private keys, otherwise your assets are not really yours. Private key = ownership, let alone what happened to Mount Gox. The best way to simplify things would be to have 2 wallets. For your EOS and all things related you really need to get your Scatter NOW. It’s simple to set up and also links in nicely with eostoolkit (which is a great resource). Equally, Scatter will be compatible with TELOS. And did you know that TELOS will be doing their own snapshot 2-3 weeks after they have gone live. And they are doing that for future airdrops on their chain. So now we will have airdrops on an airdrop! And for the majority of other coins I would recommend the Exodus wallet. It can hold all things ETH and BTC + lots more besides. This should cover the majority of assets except ADA, in which case I would recommend their Daedalus wallet (I believe they have a “lite” version now, so you don’t need to download the entire chain for it to synch). I would also recommend you install MetaMask for ETH related assets (think of it as Scatter for ETH). Both Scatter and MetaMask act as a security between you and your assets. They never reveal your private keys but allow you to perform functions on their respective chains. Hope that helps.

        • Thank you David for the great advise, much appreciated, I will certainly do this.

  • DC wrote a new post 9 months, 1 week ago

    EOS Crypto Humour…. C’mon people, sometimes we need to laugh…

    As we sit here daily looking at our screens trying to keep up with the latest developments in EOS and crypto in general and realising we actually know nothing and less than we did the day before, I thought…

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  • DC wrote a new post 9 months, 1 week ago

    Easy Step-by-Step Guide to set up EOS android wallets (and apps) on your Tablet, MAC or PC.

    For the purposes of this, my first tutorial, I will be showing you how to set up Bluestacks on your PC, MAC and/or Tablet and then how to install the Meet.One EOS wallet. All steps are accompanied with screenshots…

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  • DC wrote a new post 9 months, 1 week ago

    Who’s received which EOS based token airdrops?….

    So I’m sat here in front of my laptop as the rain plays “tip-tap” against my office window panes. Dressed in my pyjamas, coffee cup in hand and looking outwards at the grey-forming skies. With the tones of Lionel…

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