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  • Problems of EOS (Update 7-1-2019)

    Blockchain can change the world but it may not be EOS
    As an investor of different Cryto projects, I believe that EOS is one of the block chain with great potential and advanced technology. However, you may also like me…

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    • Well written, Jimmy.
      I’m becoming more familiar with EOS, and I like the zero transaction fees, but the whales controlling the voting is a big minus, I agree. EOS has a good team, so hopefully they’ll figure out how to deal with the whole situation.

    • Some really good suggestions Jimmy. Not sure if it will ever come to pass, but I like the idea of adding in an inflationary mechanism into the voting scheme. EOS is quite new and a lot can change as they grow and adapt. I think that in the future though, most users of blockchains will not vote (just as around the world many people who have the right choose to stay home on voting day). It will be interesting to see how the various sidechains that have restructured their voting systems will fair over time. As you point out, there are many issues on this aspect. I think in time they will get resolved as there are a lot of great projects with proven teams working within the EOS ecosystem – and hopefully together and with more community support they can improve the governance of the policies within the ecosystem showing signs of weakness. All things considered, I think you have brought up some valid points and although I may not agree with all your suggestions, good job for putting your thoughts for progressive change out there mate 😉

    • hit so many points on the head. since alot was about vote buying i will dicuss that. your right it is bad for eos and its hard to stop. i think straight up buying with eos is not only stupid it will destroy eos and people need to realise they will only get max 1 pecent for a year its not worth it.
      2. vote buying by promising an airdrop to a working dapp, i dont see the problem with that they have actually done something.
      the community just needs good education no the fact they they will perobably get like 0.5% more eos a year if every bp is on board.

    • Some interesting ideas @s002858. I’m particularly interested in how they will address voter rewards. I consciously monitor my vote decay and refresh accordingly every so often and some kind of acknowledgement of that by the network would be nice.

  • The Necessity of the EOS Rex proposal, and why it’s essential.

    What is the Rex proposal, and why is it needed?

    Well for those of you that are unaware, Rex stands for Resource Exchange, it is a proposal made by Dan Larimer, which proposes the addition of a lending/borrowing platform that…

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    • I like your suggestion to force voting on a minimum of 21 BP’s first before allowing passive income, but I wonder how many actually analyzed all BP’s in detail before voting. https://eosauthority.com/voting does a good job in voting research, but still, I wouldn’t be able to pick my top 30 BP based on some personal criteria from the 100+ BPs that are currently registered. Just too many options. Excellent article BTW, thanks

      • > I wouldn’t be able to pick my top 30 BP based on some personal criteria from the 100+ BPs that are currently registered. Just too many options. Excellent article BTW, thanks

        One way to short good bps is by looking at their node performance. If they have CPU specs in the top 20 and 100% uptime then I would consider them as a good BP.

      • Good point. Especially since lots of top 21 producers are now not community voted, the importance of transparency and disclosure has radically diminished. At the time of the launch most candidates published their setup and team structure, this has completely disappeared.

      • You bring up a good point, most people probably will not do a thorough job, in picking out BP’s but I believe that will be what the proxies will be very good at, for the users that feel they don’t have the time to do proper due diligence, but still wish to participate. Thank you very much for your comment, take care.✌✌✌

    • REX is a great idea for earning passive income! But my question is how is REX discrepant from Chintai?

      • Thank you very much for your comment, Rex and chintai are mostly the same, where they differ significantly is giving the average user more direct control over their funds, when you lease your tokens on a third-party platform likes chintai, you give up control of your tokens to a third party smart contract, for the duration of the leasing time. With the Rex system relinquishing control over your tokens will not be necessary since Rex is built on top of the system contract. thank you very much for your comment, take care.

    • Another excellent article @eosapologist. Your core point on the necessity of REX is well articulated – let’s hope we see it voted on and implemented.

      • Thank you very much for your kind words, for the record I believe that it will be voted in by the Eos community without issue, But ultimately only time will tell, let’s all hope for the best in this matter.

    • Great writing @eosapologist, I’m motivated to vote and excited for the upcoming progression of eosio developments!
      Also nice link @pcsasd! I hear your concern. I researched BP’s pretty intense b4 launch and collected my list of favorites.
      Anyone know if someone has made a tool to display block production analytics to quickly and easily view performance like missed blocks and such?

      • thank you very much for your kind words, unfortunately I know of No Such tool, I would suggest that you go on the EOS telegram group and asked around I’m sure someone there must know whether such a tool exist or not.

    • This is indeed a great post, you did well by touching all the important areas you are supposed to talk about on this topic. This CPU and ram of a thing is becoming a very serious problem the EOSIO blockchain. Any solutions the developers feel its best should be implemented with immediate effect please.

      • I believe that once the Rex system is up and running, CPU congestion will be handled by the free market rules of supply and demand, which will be very nice for individuals leasing out token capacity on the EOS platform.✌✌✌

    • Great analysis, @eosapologist the voting aspect is certainly the most intriguing aspect of eos and if working able to disrupt the crypto world. As much as i am looking forward to REX, we’ll need to see how this plays out, as this also can be played, as of course the big whales and exchanges can make use of this too. Especially for exchangesm since it’s easy for them to get the consent of their clients, to use their tokens, for offering a share of the REX revenues.

      • No solution is ever perfect, so you’re 100% right we will have to see how it plays out, but for the record I believe that the free market ultimately will decide many of these issues in a beneficial way for all involved, But ultimately only time will tell.✌✌✌

    • Thanks @eosapologist, it’s good article

    • Good article my friend..

    • This post is very useful for me personally especially knowing about the need for Rex. Thank you for sharing this article.

  • The technology behind cryptocurrency, blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that records transactions safely, permanently, and very efficiently.

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  • EOS Referendum – Links to Voting Tools.

    The EOS Referendum is about to go live.

    Once the smart contract is deployed, we, the community will make decisions on the direction of EOS.

    As the first governed Blockchain EOS will make history.

    Be part of it and get ready to VOTE NOW!

    Many wallets are already supporting the…

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  • Luke Phoenix wrote a new post 3 months ago

    Hypnosis- Practical Starting Steps and Guide for Self-Induction, Values, Barriers, and Procedures

    Historically, Greek philosophy recognized a two part mind, presently considered conscious and subconscious. The subconscious is vast for growth potential and documented research suggests hypnosis has many applications that are highly effective. Hypnosis is a trance state where the…

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