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  • Cornel wrote a new post 2 months, 3 weeks ago


    Every time a new Crypto project is launching its MainNet (whether it’s its native from the beginning or derives from an already existing established one) — it’s a very important and crucial moment and if you manage to be…

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  • Cornel wrote a new post 3 months, 1 week ago

    Prisoner Of The Lower Reality

    We live in very exciting times, so much so that I can assert without any second thought that itโ€™s indeed an honor and delight to be alive in this place and second!

    And although it might appear at the first…

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    • A lot to ponder here – worth a re-read tonight once I’m no longer ‘working’. Life is an enigma and as you note the ‘everyday’ distracts us and we generally reject tendencies to look under the veil. Many of us buy the simple narratives of existence handed to down to us – but I believe we’re all aware there’s more ‘to it’. Looking for meaning is a key component of a ‘civilised’ man/woman but its much easier simply to ‘get on with it’. Cheers @cryptoeera.

    • A very good discussion from you, where that, someone must begin to see opportunities and new things, in order to grow and develop for the better. Although feeling uncomfortable with new things that will be done

    • Quite a bit to think about @cryptoeera. Thanks for sharing!

    • As within so without. That’s code for we see what we are.
      Some would say our DNA is transforming from carbon to crystalline – or put another way as a species we are transitioning from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension.
      Is it ‘doze of enlightenment’ or dose of enlightenment?
      Love Brave.
      Appreciate your post.

  • Cornel wrote a new post 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Why STEEM CASINOS Might Be Better Than ETH, EOS Or TRON Ones

    Until you didn’t get completely infuriated at me due to the title picked for this article, let me just start off by stating that I’m by no means a STEEM crazy fan or shill, nor the article that you’re…

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    • Nicely written Cornel. Interesting concept to rent the tokens instead of sell. Stakemine, quite a new project on EOS is doing something very similar as well, although I don’t think that they will be restricting themselves solely to gambling tokens (don’t quote me on that last part though as it’s just something I think I know lol). If you have yet to do so you should def check them out ( ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Thanks, looks and sound also very interesting!

      • Thanks, James.
        I’m wondering what contract do you interact with when stake via StakeMine and if that contract is open-sourced.

        Btw, STEEM delegation also is far beyond Gambling dApps only…

    • Great compilation Cornel, thanks for sharing.
      Mark (Zeus69)

    • That’s a nice way to get some tokens which then get yoou more dividends! I guess Official Fuzzy’s Stakemine project is also based on this concept.

    • Great article, very nice sum up! Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge here about it.
      As you said there’s great danger even in good or especially in great performing stuff. I definitely (think .. or hope ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) learned a lot from stuff like the FISH investment and the mistakes from it. Like diversification can never be done enough and the more you diversify into one, the more attention it should require. Especially when it goes up …
      Great to hear that you could gain some other profits on DICE and other stuff!
      And have to admit, I have to look more into this STEEM stuff before I can say that I really understand it totally. But like you explained it, sounds very nice and like a lot of less risk! I agree, this doesn’t have to be very huge, the advantage is the “not loss possibility”. Great to know about that. Thanks!

      • Glad you appreciate it.
        So you were an investor in FISH as well, ๐Ÿ™‚ that means you should perfectly understand me how dangerous could be to exchange the main coin for the native token of a dApp…

        • Yeah right! Think I recognised this kind of “obvious to expect” value decrease of the gamling EOS tokens too late. Something which I’m not proud of but kind of had to make the experience the hard way. At least I hope I now have better understanding how this whole eco system works – at least good to avoid some similar future problems ๐Ÿ™‚
          I’m really curious to look into that “borrowing system”. Thinking about it there has to be just one significant difference: You should always get the price back you paid for at the time you borrowed it … I expect this to be the case (- some fees I expect…). Then the next kind of “obvious to expect” problem should be the decreasing payout value over time. To make it short: I think in for example 3 months you will probably better by staking every day a little portion of your 100% investment then to take your 100% investment right now and borrow for all … Hope you understand / can follow my thinking.
          Okay enough, before further assuming, I should really get my stuff done and look into this .. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks again!

    • I agree, Steempower holders can delegate their Sp to gambling dapps, and make money posting about it, so this is something other blockchains cant do. So steem betting dapps can gain 1 million SP, enabling them to make ten sof thousands of dollars per week in self upvotes, and they investors dont have to sacrifice anything , low risk and thus they will get the most investment, IF steem completes its big marketing launch of the new dapp

      • Yes, I know SteemEngine already launched a Steem internal DEX; however the real excitement will start once the original SMT gets deployed.

    • Thanks for this @cryptoeera. I had no idea

    • Interesting discussion from you about a few coins that can be saved and of course besides being at stake on a large table for many people.
      That the past reality of Steem is obtained aside from saving is the rewards of the article.
      A new breakthrough is currently getting steem coins in the casino, it is very exciting for some people to add their steem assets

  • Cornel wrote a new post 4 months ago


    There are so many advantages in owning a Business, but along with all of them comes big responsibility and a myriad of difficulties. But before anything else, in order to even be able to start truly thinking and planning…

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  • Cornel wrote a new post 4 months, 1 week ago


    Whether weโ€™re ready to admit or not, at some level of our awareness, we realize that a pretty significant chunk of our existence is dictated by Illusions. Obviously they come in various forms and images and a big part…

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