Dear friends and @trybeone community good evening I am sharing with you my latest art work of making a pencil sketch where I am making a monster and this is a transformation of a very smart actor Akshay Kumar into a monster for a movie. In a recent interview to a famous TV channel and revealed all the making and makeup process of this look and he claimed that something six to seven hours he spends when this scene was taken the most of the time was used for the removing of this makeup and this makeup completely changed his appearance and definitely he will loos like a monster for his upcoming movie 2.00 and his screenplay partner will be the Superstar Rajnikant the most famous and a brand of south Indian cinema industry. I am big fan of these two superstars who will definitely smash the screens by 2019 and we are waiting for this thriller full of action and drama movie which will be a big hit for Akshay Kumar and Rajanikant as the streets and pundits of this field are betting on this and due to all these  rumours and news a hype of something special or surprise is creating it’s room which will definitely in my opinion break the past records of film Industry.


This is a pencil sketch of Akshay Kumar and I tried my best to make it very beautiful and awesome. Friends I am sharing with you a good news that I started dLive video making and it’s very good experience as it’s super easy and started bringing some rewards and I hope this will reward me more better.

Material I used for making this sketch.

Pencil – HB,2B,4B,6B,8B,10B

Blending stump

Woodless charcoal

Charcoal pencil

Normal chart paper sheet

Kneadable eraser

Dear friends I uploaded the complete making process on DLive so you can enjoy this here.

DLive video link

Thank you for your support.

I shared this portrait on Steemit.



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