Warning: this may boggle the mind! Read at own risk! There’s no refunds!… So, now that’s out of the way, I’ll do my very best not to lose you, dear reader, while I try to explain why you are the universe’s greatest miracle.

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I warned you, we’re going to explore some mind-boggling trains of thought today and we start by contemplating eternity. This boggles our modern minds, we are incapable of wrapping our minds around something that’s inherently limitless. Science has a way of dealing with it, but falls short even when introducing the term “infinity”. You see, nothing is truly infinite, because you can ALWAYS add one more. When you add sides and corners to a polygon with equal length sides, that polygon wil resemble a circle more with each additional side; a square is “rounder” than a triangle, and a hexagon is “rounder” than a pentagon and so on and so forth. A circle therefore can be described as a regular polygon with INFINITE sides. But there’s a problem, infinite isn’t enough. Starting at the center of the circle you can draw infinite lines extending out to the circles infinite “corners”. But what happens when you draw a much larger circle around the forst one? If you extend the lines to the border of that larger circle, the lines aren’t enough to cover all it’s “corners”, because a larger circle needs more “corners” to stay a circle; so we need more than infinite “corners” here. I hope you followed that and realize that infinity raises all kinds of problems for an ordinary mind to deal with.

Keep infinity in mind, while I try to explain what’s so special about Einstein’s theory of relativity. Einstein’s work is based for a large part on Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetic waves, in which Maxwell showed that light is an electromagnetic wave and that all electromagnetic waves travel at a certain speed. This speed, the speed of light, ultimately became the only constant in Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2, where “E” is Energy, “M” is Mass and “C” is the constant speed of light. What Einstein said is that the speed of light is the ONLY constant in space-time, that it doesn’t matter how fast you travel, you’ll always measure the sped of light as being the same as if you were standing still. This is also highly counter-intuitive for my taste, but it has been proven in countless experiments and is even used to synchronize the clocks on Earth with the clocks moving around the earth in satellites. Not forgetting the Mass in these equations, the orbital clocks also take into account the lower gravity out there.

Einstein’s model of a block universe, later called the growing block universe after the discovery by Hubble that the universe is expanding, is universally accepted by physicists and his equations are tested and proven right time after time. But the universe that emerges from these equations is weird to say the least. It means, in simple terms, that time passes slower and distances get shorter the faster you travel… And when you reach the speed of light, time and distance are both ZERO. Traveling at the speed of light, you don’t travel at all because there are no distances to traverse. And you have all the time of eternity, because there is no time. Time and distance don’t exist anymore…


Now science has always taken the position that there’s nothing to worry about here, and this is because I left out the Mass in the equation: with time and space reduced to nothing, Mass becomes infinite. And because it would take infinite energy to move infinite mass, we will never be able to travel at light-speed anyway. But a photon, a “particle of light” has no mass, so it can and does reach it’s ludicrous speed of over 300,000 kilometer a second. So from the perspective of a photon there is no space or time. A photon is everywhere and eternal because space and time don’t exist. Birth and death are the same thing, always, everywhere. From the perspective of a boggled human mind, only one thing in the universe is constant, not time, not space, mass or energy; only the speed of light is constant, and time, space and mass are interchangeable where one observer’s distance is another observer’s time and / or mass, or vice-versa or… you get what I mean. I hope.

Keep in mind the timeless, space-less perspective of light and the fact that all the above measurements are perceived within consciousness, while we explore the role of the observer in quantum physics. Our universe, all we’re consciously aware of, is one where space, time, mass and energy make up reality. We are, however mind-boggling the implications, intimately acquainted with Einstein’s universe because we can see it and measure it, and do experiments in it that tell us of it’s deeper nature. But the rules of this universe do not apply to the smallest particles and distances. According to quantum physics, elementary particles exist in a superposition of many possible locations and speeds, until they are observed. I’ve written about this before, so just look up some of my previous articles on consciousness and space-time to get into a bit more detail on that; this article is mind-boggling enough by itself. The only important thing to realize here is that an observer is needed for an observation. And the only place we know of where an observer exists is in our own consciousness.

How many examples do you know in you language where “mind” and “light” are combined together? A light can be brilliant, but so can a mind. Ever seen the light-bulb above a head as an expression of getting a great idea? Why are the informed, the wise called “the illuminated”? And are they the Illuminati? Lol, scratch that last one, but again, I think you know where I’m getting at because I’m not an especially bright light 😉 Meditation and some potent drugs can let you let go of you, and let your consciousness roam free in the eternal “now”. Your consciousness is your essence, it’s the only thing that’s truly true, always. You are not your material body alone, because there’s not an atom in it that was there when you were a child; your “stuff” has been replaced many times. So have your thoughts, your opinions, your emotions, everything evolves with the only constant being the you buried deep inside your consciousness.

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Looking at all this, I can’t escape the feeling that light and consciousness are eerily similar, especially when you consider that we experience light in our consciousness. Wasn’t the Big Bang some infinitesimal small point of infinite mass and energy that exploded? Isn’t that just a photon with a tiny bit of mass traveling at light-speed? The universe manifests in our consciousness and both are eternal and everywhere. Space and time emerge from something more fundamental that is not space and time; consciousness is the best candidate to fulfill that role because it’s our only absolute truth, and light somehow bridges consciousness to the emerging universe that we experience.

Our thinking mind is not the core of our consciousness. We experience in images, smells, senses, emotions, by just being. But we think about them in words. Is it a coincidence that according to the Bible “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God”? The words we use to think about our fundamental self? And is it a coincidence that the first thing He did was to “Let there be Light”? The OTHER eternal thing..? Are we light eternal?

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  1. TRUTH(@i-am)

    Right on !!!
    You hit it at the end,, so I’m gonna expand:

    1. There is “forever” or infinity of time (the place of the physical)
    2. There is “Eternal” of that which is OUTSIDE of time.

    God is said to exist in the ETERNAL
    and CONSCIOUSNESS exists in the “NOW” , which is ETERNAL, as it is and has always been NOW. Every “Conscious Experience” that ever happened, happened in the ETERNAL NOW….. aka “The WOW that is NOW”.

    Our thoughts, words, and memories are not real, except in the fact that you are doing them in the NOW,,,, they are all “ideas” that exist in the non-physical realm of “mind/Consciousness”. In the beginning consciousness was ONLY capable of understanding TRUTH (what was), but as it became conscious of things other than just “itself being conscious” it gained the ability to believe things that were false. When mind could entertain messages (aka Angels) that could not in themselves reveal their TRUTH or DECEPTION, then mind became subject to “Satan” (the Great Deceiver) which is basically synonymous with one’s EGO (concept of “self” – aka memories, thoughts etc.) or the “Fallen Angel” (when one thinks their CONSCIOUSNESS is sourced from them and not from GOD) which leads us to wrong conclusions about TRUTH (eg. that we deserve credit for any action we have done), thereby causing our disharmony with nature causing our psycho and physical ailments.

    I love reading your stuff !!!!

    Here is a link to a couple videos on EMERGENCE THEORY of PHYSICS (Quantum Gravity) – for anyone who wants to go down the rabbit hole of cutting edge physics:



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